There are some wonderful groups and initiatives across Australia aimed at supporting current young members of agricultural and rural industries, as well as to attract and retain new talent.

Groups such as the ones listed below are incredibly important for linking together likeminded, passionate agvocates and rural youth, sharing knowledge and generating new ideas, and creating networks amongst young people who may be geographically isolated or without strong personal support systems in their immediate rural communities.

Click on the links below to access youth networks and councils all over the country and to see what events and forums are coming up. 
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Future Farmers Network
"FFN is focused on building the engagement and network of those aged 18 to 35 years in agriculture. In November 2001, founder of FFN, Deb McLucas, decided to do something about the widespread concern she had seen expressed for the future of young people in the rural industries. As a result FFN was established in 2002, with the belief that it is not a shortage of young people in the rural industries, but a shortage of identified and communicated opportunities that is the major problem."

Future Feeders Movement
"Future Feeder's vision is that there will be a strong and united network  of young Australian famers who are working to support each other to thrive and prosper though the use of agroecological farming practices and the application of the principles of Food Sovereignty.
We are facilitating this vision in two ways. Firstly, by creating our own working demonstration model that shows the benefits of farmers working collaboratively and peer-to-peer learning. This will also provide meaningful and sustainable employment for FF cooperative members. Secondly, we are building a united network of young ethical farmers at the local, regional and national level. We want to maintain a focus on the urgent need for a new generation of young farmers in Australia."

Art 4 Agriculture Young Farming Champions
"The Art4Agriculture Young Farming Champions (YFC) are selected by their industries to act as ambassadors. They undertake a series of workshops to provide them with the skills and knowledge to lead agriculture’s next generation."

Heywire puts young Australians at the centre of the conversations that shape their communities. The ABC has run the annual regional youth project in partnership with the Australian Government since 1998. Heywire comprises of four clear initiatives: The ABC Heywire Competition, Young Regional Australians on the ABC, The Heywire Regional Youth Summit, and the FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grants.

Angus Youth Australia
"Angus Youth is the junior activities division of Angus Australia. It is currently one of the largest and most active breed youth groups in the country. Angus Youth offers many opportunities to its member through its extensive education and scholarship programs."

Young Dairy Farmers Network Australia
The Young Dairy Network Australia - YDNA - is a Dairy Australia initiative. We’re working with existing regional groups to establish a national network of young farmers. Young Dairy Networks are currently running in the following regions: Southern VictoriaSubtropical DairyMurray DairySouth Australia and Tasmania."

BackTrack Ag Lads
"AgLads was developed to address our region’s growing trade and agricultural skills shortages in response to the interest shown by producers at Agricultural Shows. AgLads has since developed as an innovative industry led program focussed on creating employment opportunities for youth in rural communities. It provides training, work experience and progression to paid work crews."

Young Farmer's Forum 
"The only place where you can be sure to get first class information on farming... Share with your friends and lets create a movement of young farmers!"

Jobs for the Girls
Wool industry jobs for women! A page to share information and stories by women working in the wool industry and those who would like too."

Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth Next Generation
"The RASC has encouraged the involvement of youth in its activities for many years and since the 2004 Commonwealth Agricultural Conference in Albury, the concept of the ‘RASC Next Generation’ was formed, and has since flourished."


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