Who: Mecardo is an independent market analysis service.
What: Mercardo provides analysis and commentary on the cattle, sheep, wool and grain markets. The analysis, based on commodity markets, concentrates on "what does it mean for me?"
Where: Online via a subscription
Cost: $27.50 (monthly), $297.00 (year upfront), free 30 day trial
More: Mecardo sends email alerts that are matched to your preferences. 


Who: Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI)
What: AWI provides a number of market intelligence services, including weekly and monthly price reports, wool production forecasts, and the latest sheep and wool industry data.
Where: Online
Cost: Free
More: AWI also surveys woolgrowers tri-annually to produce key estimates of production.


Who: Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA)
What: MLA provide cattle industry projections each February and August. MLA also collects and reports sheep market information including physical market results, national indicators, slaughter levels, over-the-hooks, and post-farm gate prices. A daily sheep summary and weekly state reports are also available on the website.
Where: Online
Cost: Free
More: The MLA also present Global Agri Benchmark Network results and reports on the annual financial performance of sheep farms.


Who: Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES)
What: Quarterly agricultural commodities outlooks and commodity statistics, as well as reports on the financial performance of lamb producing farms.
Cost: Free
Where: Online
More: ABARES has a number of data tools to assist with on-farm decision-making.


Who: Australian Farm Institute (AFI) aims to provide stimulating and insightful information about the major issues facing Australian agriculture.
What: The AFI has a dedicated Agricultural Trade Data Portal that can be accessed by members, which provides data and commentary on international trade.
Cost: From $154 annually
Where: Online
More: The AFI is the leading policy think tank dedicated to Australian agriculture.


Who: is an information provider based in Millthorpe, NSW, developed by Emeritus Professor John Chudleigh.
What: provides a monthly newsletter and regular news emails (but is primarily focused on the beef and grains industries).
Cost: $350 (annual full subscription), $110.00 (annual Beef and Cattle Industry subscription).
Where: Online
More: The Analysing Agriculture newsletter has been in monthly production since 1989 and is accessed by a global audience.


Who: The Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX) is a public company that manages and administers wool marketing arrangements in the self-regulated Australian wool industry.
What: AWEX has a number of market reports, daily and weekly market summaries, wool market indicators, statistics and customised reports available. 
Where: Online and via subscription
Cost: Online (free), Reports via poll fax and voice message (from $4 per min (incl. GST)), bespoke reports (unknown costs).
More: AWEX commenced operations in February 1994.

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