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We have rounded up the tools that can help you have a better understanding of your business and to assist you in planning, growing and strengthening your enterprise.

Tools have been classified under the following TOPICS:


Business Management

Supplementary Feeding & Feedlotting

Supplementary Feeding & Feedlotting

Cost of Production

Cost of Production

Nutrition, Health & Reproduction

Nutrition, Health & Reproduction

Climate & Weather

Climate & Weather

Disease & Pests

Disease & Pests

Pasture Management

Pasture Management


BUsiness Management

MLA STATISTICS DATABASE (MLA)Access up-to-date market information and statistics to help you make more informed decisions about breeding, buying, selling and exporting stock.

MANAGEMENT CALENDAR (Making More From Sheep)Maps out key management events throughout the year and contains a worked example for south-east Australia (for both merino and prime lamb production).

LIVESTOCK GROSS MARGIN ANALYSIS (Tasmanian Government): Helps to calculate GM for low and high rainfall districts in Tasmania for crossbred ewes, store lambs and wool sheep. Includes a worksheet that calculates the feed demand profile for different production systems.

AUSFARM (Horizon Agriculture): Software system that allows you to configure different simulations depending on different models of your farming operation.

WOOLCHEQUE (AWI): Based on wool characteristics and daily or historical prices, the calculator prices a wool clip.

STOCKING RATE CALCULATOR (Evergraze)Adds stock numbers and their DSE ratings to work out monthly stocking rates.

STOCKING RATE CALCULATOR (MLA): Based on a paddock's carrying capacity, the calculator determines the number of sheep to stock in that paddock.

ON-FARM FIBRE MANAGEMENT (Sheep CRC): Calculates fleece measurement profitability through the likely profit from hogget clip preparation, adult clip preparation, ewe selection and wether selection.

SELECTION ASSIST (Sheep CRC): Predicts the likely outcomes of different breeding strategies.

RAM SELECT: "A web-based tool that enables ram buyers to more easily rank rams according to your breeding objective."

SMART MERINO (Sheep CRC): Four integrated tools to assist in planning a Merino-based wool production enterprise — a Merino vs Terminal Flock Calculator, On-Farm Fibre Measure Calculator, a Wether Calculator and a Flock Structure Tool.

SHEEP PERFORMANCE KPI (Beef and Lamb UK): Calculator developed to help producers collect key measurements and identify strengths and weaknesses in flock performance.



WOOL ENTERPRISES (AWI): Calculates cost of production per kg wool clean.

LAMB ENTERPRISES (MLA): Calculates cost of production per kg dwt and margin per kg dwt sold. 

WOOL & SHEEPMEAT ENTERPRISES (Making More From Sheep)Calculates cost of production per kg dwt and per kg wool clean (must do one enterprise at a time if have dual systems i.e. terminal and Merino sires).


RAINMAN STREAMFLOW (DAF QLD): Enables analysis of rainfall and other climate variable at individual locations.

CLIMATEDOGS (NSW DPI): Uses sheepdog animations to explain the main drivers of climate variability in NSW. 

METACCESS (Horizon Agriculture): Provides users with probability of specified weather patterns, long-term probabilities or specified weather events.

AUSTRALIAN CLI-MATE (Commonwealth of Australia)

BUREAU OF METEROLOGY OUTLOOKS: Access rainfall and temperature outlooks, the latest 3 month outlook video, climate models and the ENSO Wrap-up.

The Farm Table recommends you visit CLIMATE KELPIE, a website that rounds up climate tools for farmers.



SGS PASTURE MODEL (IMJ Consultants)A simulation model that predicts pasture growth in response to climate and management decisions.

AUSSIEGRASS (State of Queensland): pasture growth production outlook across Australia on a 5km scale.

GRASSGRO (Horizon Agriculture): A decision support tool to examine variability in pasture and animal production and analyses performance of different grazing enterprises.

PASTURES FROM SPACE (CSIRO): provides estimates of pasture production by means of remote sensing. 

FEED DEMAND CALCULATOR (MLA): assists in matching pasture supply with livestock demand.

GREEN FEED TACTICAL MANAGEMENT CALCULATOR (Evergraze): compares the economic benefit of different uses of green feed, accounting for stock on hand, available green feed, lamb prices and feed prices.

FEED ON OFFER LIBRARY (AWI): With over 500 records collected, the library helps users estimate FOO and the nutritive value of grazed pastures.

RAINFALL TO PASTURE OUTLOOK TOOL (MLA, ABARES): presents rainfall and soil indices of moisture and pasture growth for last nine months and an outlook for the next three months.

PASTURE IMPROVEMENT CALCULATOR (Evergraze): Calculates the costs and benefits associated with resowing pastures compared to the current situation.

FEED BUDGET ROTATION PLANNER (EverGraze): Excel tool to assist in rotational planning, stocking rates, calculating pasture growth rate, economical rations and fertiliser rates.

DEFERRED GRAZING CALCULATOR (WA Government): Calculates how may days it will take for a pasture to meet a particular growth rate.

GROW MORE PASTURE (Making More From Sheep): Module 7 has a number of tools including fertiliser test strips, interpreting soil tests and pasture assessment techniques.

STRIP GRAZING CALCULATOR (DAFWA): Online calculator that helps to determine the area of strip in a paddock required for your sheep to increaseFOO during winter.

CALCULATE THE VALUE OF NITROGEN AND GIBBERELLIC ACID (Evergraze): Calculates the costs of applying these additives, which may assist pasture production during winter.

PHOSPHOROUS TOOL (MLA): Assists in determining suitable levels of P-fertilisation on acid soils in Southern Australia.



DROUGHT FEED CALCULATOR (NSW DPI): An app that helps farmers in any location to determine minimum feed requirements for animals.

GRAZFEED (Horizon Agriculture): Computer program that provides a straightforward way to calculate the nutritional requirements of sheep and cattle. 

FEED BUDGETING FOR EWE FLOCKS IN THE DRY SEASON (Lifetime Wool): Some 'rules of thumb' to guide supplementary feeding in dry periods.

FEED COST CALCULATOR (NSW DPI): Calculates and compares the protein and energy component of different livestock feeds and mixes.

FEED COST CALCULATOR (DAFWA): Calculates the lowest cost option for a number of different sheep feeds.

SUPPLEMENTARY FEED CALCULATOR FOR PREGNANT AND LACTATING EWES (DAFWA): Assists in the calculation of need for supplementary feed when low green feed is available.

FEEDLOT CALCULATOR (DPI NSW): A gross-margin calculator to assist with the decision to commit resources to feedlotting sheep.

ANNUAL FEED BUDGET (DAFWA): Assists in calculating a broad estimate of the feed requirement for a sheep enterprise.

FEED BUDGET TABLES FOR DROUGHT/DRY CONDITIONS IN SOUTHERN AUSTRALIA (Lifetime Wool): Assists in the decision of ewe maintenance requirements, calculated using Grazfeed.

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CONDITION SCORING (LifetimeWool): Assists in estimating the nutritional wellbeing of your flock.

FAT SCORING (Making More From Sheep): Explains the fat scoring system and how to apply it.

SHEEP CONDITION SCORING (WA Government): App that allows you to enter condition scores, see averages and email data.

LAMBALIVE (Horizon Agriculture): excel spreadsheet that helps determine mortality risk.

SHELTER INVESTMENT TOOL: (Evergraze): analyses the return on investment in establishing shelter (via perennial grass hedges and shrub nurseries) to improve lamb survival.

RAM CHECK LIST (Making More From Sheep): A simple, go-to list to understand soundness of rams and the number of replacement rams needed.

SHEEP GESTATION TABLE AND CALCULATOR (Raising Sheep): easy-to-use sheep gestation calculator to be a useful tool when estimating the lambing date for the ewes in your flock.

LAMB GROWTH PREDICTOR (Sheep CRC): Predicts how many lambs and when they will reach a target weight.

LAMB EFFICIENCY CALCULATOR (Aberystwyth University): UK-based tool that enables sheep farmers to evaluate their own flock's performance and compare against other sheep enterprises.

SCANNING CALCULATOR (Flockscan): Based on a 5-6 week joining, this calculator gives a range of dates for scanning in order to achieve the most accurate results. 


FLYSTRIKE CALENDAR (FlyBoss): Assists producers to document their integrated approach to the management of flystrike.

FLYSTRIKE DECISION SUPPORT TOOLS (FlyBoss): Helps to calculate flystrike risk and optimal treatment time as well as comparing management systems for control.

FLYSTRIKE ASSIST (WA Government): Management tools to assist with decisions about the appropriate chemical for flystrike prevention.

LICEBOSS TOOLS (AWI, Sheep Industry CRC): A decision support system that helps to identify, treat and prevent lice.

WORMBOSS: Assists with drenching decisions.

TIMERITE (AWI): Predicts the best time to spray in spring to control red legged earth mites.

SHEEP LICE COST CALCULATOR (Farm Advisor - Bayer): Calculator to help you estimate the financial impact of lice in your flock.

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