NSW DPI: factsheets on a range of external and internal parasites, footrot and other sheep heath problems.

WA Department of Agriculture and Food: information on wide range of sheep-related health and diseases, with a handy search function.

PIR SA: general information on sheep health and diseases, movement and identification.

QLD Government: guide to prevention, management and biosecurity for sheep producers.

Biosecurity SA: The Farmers' Guide to sheep diseases.

VIC State Government: information on a number of diseases including disease facts, contractors, diagnosis, and treatment of footrot.

Sheep Connect Tasmania: range of short, practical factsheets.

Sheep Connect SA: sheep health technical articles.

AWI: latest information on breech flystrike, including management, genetics and prevention.

AWI: Licesense is a woolgrowers' management guide to lice.

Making More From Sheep: a number of modules looking at sheep health management programs.

Leading Sheep: updates on sheep health matters, from worm egg counts to breech strike prevention.

MLA: Report on Parasite Control in Southern Prime Lamb Production Systems.

MLA: Factsheet on low-worm risk pastures for sheep. 

MLA: Case study on strategic drenching.

Making More From Sheep: Module 11 looks at how to maintain sheep in an appropriate body condition and to match nutritional requirements with available feed supply.

Lifetime Wool: understand how to condition score sheep, which is used to represent the nutritional well being of your sheep.

DPIPWE TAS: a guide for sheep producers in drought titled 'Which sheep do I keep?'

Agricultural Information and Monitoring Services (AIMS): a quick go-to fact sheet to work out stocking rate, stock density and using DSE values to estimate pasture intake.

DPI NSW: a range of factsheets on feed and nutrition — from creep feeding to full hand feeding of sheep.

Sheep CRC: their nutrition-focused "Practical Wisdom Notes" concentrate on feedlotting lambs, options for light weight spring lamb drop and feeding different grains.

QLD Government: the "Supplementary feeding for sheep" guide looks at the nutritional needs of sheep, assessing pasture quality, as well as a number of supplements — including cottonseed, dry licks and urea, molasses and hay.

DPIPWE TAS: a guide for sheep producers in drought titled 'Which sheep do I keep?'

DAFWA and PIRSA: a guide to feeding and managing sheep in dry times. A comprehensive booklet that looks at different management options, sheep nutrition, production feeding and agistment.

EverGraze: outlines how to understand and calculate your stocking rate and feed supply demand profile.

Making More From Sheep: a module focused on growing more pastures.

Making More From Sheep: a follow up module focused on aligning animal demand and pasture supply.

DPI NSW: using Dry Sheep Equivalents (DSEs) to compare sheep enterprises.

Worm Boss: an overview of different grazing options in relation to reducing worm burden.

AWI: overview of different pastures, weed and pest management, as well as a feed on offer (FOO) library.

AWI: overview of nutrient management of pastures and soil.

Evergraze: how to select different pastures for place and purpose.

Evergraze: a guide to grazing management, including the "nuts and bolts" dividing up the farm for grazing management, planning and implementing strategies and management research.

Evergraze: how to measure and calculate pasture growth.

DAFWA: a page dedicated to exploring different pastures and grazing systems.

Sheep Connect TAS: A number of handy factsheets on different pastures.

Sheep CRC: "Practical Wisdom Notes" focused on managing ewes for joining as well as in late pregnancy, and the value of pregnancy scanning.

NSW DPI: a range of factsheets focusing on ewe management at joining, fertility testing of rams, conception rates and udder assessments.

Lifetimewool: the program has a range of pages that focus on ewe management issues, from conception, survival, managing twinning ewes and improving ewe fleece weight and wool quality.

Making More From Sheep: the programs module provides a framework and guidelines to improve reproduction rates and lamb survival to weaning.

Leading Sheep: focus on sheep producers in Queensland on topics ranging from managing rams, to pregnancy scanning and wet season alerts.

WA Department of Agriculture and Food: an introductory look into reproduction management that looks at the enterprise set up, time of lambing, condition scoring, managing pregnancy and growing weaners.

AWI: the AWI website has a breadth of information on merino sheep breeding, from the MERINOSELECT service, bloodline performance, breech strike genetics and genomics.

Sheep CRC: access to 'Australian Sheep Breeding Values - A guide for ram buyers'.

Sheep CRC: a set of 'Practical Wisdom Notes' explaining opportunities for sheep producers in genetics and genomics.

DPI NSW: factsheets for crossbred and merino producers, focusing on merino bloodline performance and selection indexes.

Sheep Genetics: access to the national evaluation services for prime lamb, the wool industry and the Dohne Merino breed.

Sheep Genetics: materials to assist with LAMBPLAN and MERINOSELECT, including how to interpret and use selection indexes.

Making More From Sheep: module focused on capturing benefits from improved genetics.

WA Department of Food and Agriculture: section on sheep genetics and selection with information on choosing a ram, breeding for worm and flystrike resistance and using ASBVs.

Queensland Government: articles on managing rams and ewes, joining, understand and improving flock genetics.

DPI NSW: an introduction to comparing markets methods by understanding factors affecting carcase weight, skin value and payment basis.

Sheep CRC: a range of "Practical Wisdom Notes" on producing quality sheepmeat — from finishing, to target pH, meat colour and shelf life.

Making More From Sheep: focused on wool producers, this module takes a market focus to production and assists with on-farm decision making.

Making More From Sheep: focused on lamb and sheepmeat production, this module helps producers "to deliver quality assured lamb and sheepmeat to target market specifications".

Leading Sheep: articles on a range of business and marketing, from the AWI levy, to sheepmeat demand, and sustainability and related certification options.

MLA: an understanding of the different sheep and lamb selling options.

DPI NSW: a number of sheep gross margin budgets have been calculated based on theoretical flocks of 1000 ewes or wethers.

Sheep CRC: "Practical Wisdom Notes" on three enterprise subjects — lambing time, stocking rate and profitability.

DPIPWE TAS: a guide for sheep producers in drought titled 'Which sheep do I keep?'

AWI: looks at different whole farm integrated systems for your enterprise.

Evergraze: a guide to making strategic decisions on your farm.

Sheep Connect SA: a number of business management insights concerning benchmarking, profit drivers and planning for variable seasons.

MLA: a producers guide to sheep husbandry practices.

Wild Dog Scan: a community website that maps sighting of wild dog activities.

Invasive Animals CRC & AWI: Glovebox Guide for Managing Wild Dogs.

Pest Smart: webpage dedicated to wild dogs — from control methods, to movements and biology.

Farm Online: Wild Dog Project contains a range of the latest news and developments related to wild dogs.