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A blog is sometimes referred to as an online personal journal. It is a site designated for an individual to write about his/her daily experiences, to illicit thoughts and often allowing readers to offer their comments. The term is a shortened form of “weblog”. Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or adding content to an existing blog is referred to as “blogging”. Individual articles on a blog are referred to as “blog posts”, “posts”, or “entries”, and the person who created the blog post is often called a “blogger”.
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Blogs can have different purposes 

They can have a strong storytelling element, or they can be highly technical and informative.

Fiona Lake, a photographer and writer living in Townsville, explains the farm blog environment in Australia in one of her own blog posts. She notes that farm blogs can roughly be put into three different baskets:

We recommend you check Fiona's post out!

We've categorised the Australian and International Blogs with a sheep element into three categories:

These are blogs that you can go to to find insightful production information and resources.

Unfortunately, there are not many blogs from large-scale operators. Let's change this!

More popular are those blogs that are by smaller operators. Stories of farm life and flocks are more common than other blog forms.



Sheep Connect NSW Blog
The blog keeps user updated with webinars, production information updates and the latest workshop information. It pulls together articles of interest and major issues of interest at different times of year.

Leading Sheep Blog
The blog is not regularly updated, but when it is, it provides interesting and practical information on issues from cotton seed feeder designs to using donkeys are guardian animals. The blog also connects you to the webinars, market projections and conferences.

Fiona Lake Blog
A little different from the blogs above, Fiona Lake uses her page to write on a breadth of topics, from opinion pieces on Australian agriculture, to providing tips to farmers on joining Twitter, social media use and tips for good blog writing.

Ochre Archives
Phillip Diprose, a farmer based in Grenfell, NSW, uses his blog to provide insightful and practical information on often-rarely touched topics online — upgrading tree guards, on-farm water experiments, cattle yard design, and fixing the floors of shearing sheds.

High Steaks Farming
On High Steaks Farm, a 5,000 acre property in the NSW Central Tablelands, runs post-organic beef and lamb and sell directly to the public. The blog provides informative information on lambing, joining, grazing, shearing and handling.

Redleaf Farm
This Southern Highlands family run a small number of livestock, including Border Leister ewes. They sell their Redleaf lamb direct to customers and the blog covers all aspects of their life on the farm with their four children.

KT's Farm Life
KT is a five year old farm-lover from the Central Tablelands of NSW. Their 3,000 acre farm runs fine wool merino sheep, prime lambs and beef cattle. The blog is targeted at urban children that are KT's age.

Located in North East Victoria and run by the Marriott family, Yarallah produces and finishes lamb locally. Their blog provides seasonal updates of what is going on at the property.

Bessie at Burragan
Bess lives 110km from the nearest town and 200km from the nearest supermarket. She lives and works with her husband on "Burragan", a sheep property, and she blogs about Australian agriculture, her life as an ag agvocate, and adventures of the farm.



Woolshed 1
Written by Dr. Clive Dalton, a UK native who now resides in NZ, Woolshed 1 considers topics from to NZ's agricultural history to basic principles of reproduction. Click on 'sheep' in the right hand column of the webpage to bring up blogs posts of interest. 

Research Blog: Pushing the boundaries
The Beef and Lamb NZ blog, updated weekly by research manager, Geoff Ridley, is a great resource to understand the latest research in the industry — from pasture management to parasites.

WoolBlog: snippets on innovation & wool
Steven Parsons, Market Development & Innovation Manager at Wools of NZ, is the author of WoolBlog. The blog advocates for wool as well as providing a lot of information — on the history of wool in NZ to biowool, a fibre combining wool with bio-resins.

Shepherd's notebook
Regularly updated, the Shepherd's notebook posts are made by Susan Schoenian, University of Maryland Extension Sheep & Goat Specialist. The blog connects visitors to the latest US information, webinars and events.

Modern Farmer
Modern Farmer, based in New York, is a quarterly magazine focussed on a broad range of topics related to farming and food. If you go into the sheep-tagged posts (click link above), there exists a multitude of information — on different breeds, to the American lamb market, to entertaining articles from farmers and journalists.

Ask-A-Vet Sheep
Practicing American food animal veterinarian, Dr. Kennedy, provides personal opinions and clinical observations on a range of sheep related issues — from feed rationing, creep feeding,  foot rot, breeding ewe lambs and parasite management. 

Milking Sheep
This website provides some great information about milking sheep, dairy sheep breeds and milk production.


Under the Son Farm 
This blog follows a Shetland sheep seedstock and commercial operation on a 28 acre farm in Indiana. Visitors can learn about the breeding goals of the business as well as learn about Shetland sheep.

Lamb's Blog
This blog is written by lamb, who always wanted to start a blog. Lamb blogs about life on the farm, his activities with 'Herder', visits to the city and to the supermarket. Very entertaining!

The Little Grey Sheep
Follow a UK-family who run sheep and produce their own knitting and weaving yarns. The blog provides knitting patterns as well as telling stories about life on their farm.

Virginia Lamb and Meats
Janet Childs, from rural Virginia, began her blog because one of her greatest joys was meeting her customers at farmers markets. She wants to share recipes as well as stories from the farm, where they run livestock, including 75 ewes.

The Soay Sheep Chronicles
The chronicles follow a southern Oregon husband and wife who are raising heritage Soay sheep. The blog include some practical information from the couple as well as some whimsical stories about their life on the ranch.

The Collie Farm
This blog follows Michelle, an engineering project manager, and her husband's small grass-fed lamb operation in the Pacific Northwest. She posts about lambing, rodents, diseases, genetics — everything about their small flock!

Knee Deep in Sheep
This blog follows the life at Nistock Farms — a flock of approximately 100 ewes. The couple show their self-built creep feeders, and share their stories about their life raising sheep.

Ranching with Sheep
Arlette Sieb is a an artists and "modern shepherd of sorts". From Saskatchewan in Canada, Sieb blogs about lambing, shearing, and her life on the land.

Maybelle Farm
Started in 2009, this blog follows life on a 17 acre property in Vermont, US. Follow the goings-on of the flock of 47 sheep with Kathleen, "Maybelle MaMa".

Follow the life of Michelle on her small acreage in Oregon with her fine-fleeced Shetland Sheep.

Punkin's Patch
Punkin, born in 1992, was rescued as a sick young lamb and became the first of a flock of 36. The blog follows stories of the flocks, with nearly daily updates!

Sheep Notes
Sheep Notes is created by Joan Jarvis Ellison, a Shepherdess and Writer, who lives on a small farm in Minnesota. Joan and her husband have 40 sheep and the blog follows their life with their flock.

Fiber Farm
Juniper Moon Farm is home to a spare flock of Cormo Sheep and the world's first yarn CSA. The blog is written by Susie, a sheep farmer, photographer, yarn dyer and yarn marketer.

Leaping Lamb Farm
Located in Oregon, Leaping Lamb Farm, sell pasture-raised Katahdin/Dorper cross lambs direct to customers and also has a self-contained guest cottage for use as a farm stay.

Thornbrook Barn
Ella's Farm Blog, created by 11 year old Ella in 2013, follows her life on her farm, Thornbrook Barn, a caravan site and sheep farm in the UK.


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