Farm Business Overview Factsheet (P2P Agri, GRDC): "Maintaining a sound business management discipline of measuring business performance, using this information for planning and then learning from each year’s results, will ensure a healthy and sustainable business."

Farm Business Plan Template (ANZ NZ): An editable PDF template online.

AgPlan (University of Minnesota): a free step by step online program to help you write a business plan - even in Australia!

Building a Business Plan for Your Future (Rodney Jones - Ag Manager): paper provides some detail to assist managers and other stakeholders in taking what many consider to be the first steps of putting together a formal business plan.

Whole Farm Planning (Agriculture Victoria): an introduction to whole farm planning, its core components and benefits.

Farm business management: Simple and effective business planning (GRDC): An introduction to strategic and business planning.

Making More From Sheep Business Planning Module (AWI, MLA): online module that walks though business plan objectives as well as a number of tools to help you create a rounded plan.

Farming the Business Manual (GRDC): This farm business management manual is a significant investment by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) to assist farmers with their business skills. This is an exciting project as there is both a traditional manual and an eBook version of the manual, which will be available soon.

Sample Business Plan and Financial Statements (The Carrot Project): A sample PDF to provide an example and some ideas for you!

Building a Sustainable Business: A Guide to Developing A Business Plan for Farms and Rural Businesses (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education): a 280 page free online book that introduces the business planning process, as well as provides samples and blank worksheets.

Agricultural Business Planning Templates and Resources (ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture): free online resources that contains business planning templates and further resources for agricultural enterprises. 

Starting a Business (AgMRC): a huge amount of material to guide you through market/business assessment, creating a business, and raising money.

On farm biosecurity planning tools (Livestock Biosecurity Network): a guide to planning as well as a custom built on farm biosecurity plan.

Farm energy planning calculator (NSW Farmers): an online tool that support you to make key steps in the farm energy planning process.

Strategic Business Planning for Commercial Producers (Purdue University): 33 PowerPoint presentations with complete presenter’s notes to aid in educating about how to be a highly effective business manager.

Business Planning Toolbox (Farm Answers): A whole toolbox designed at helping you plan for your business, including a building a sustainable business, developing a business plan, strategic positioning, and a site assessment tool.