Are you currently accepting new advertisers?

We are currently focused on redeveloping and relaunching The Farm Table into an extremely valuable eco-system for farmers hungry for information and training opportunities. As such, we are not currently putting new content on the existing site as we do not feel it is a worthwhile investment for contributors at this stage.

However, we would love to hear from you if you want to partner and collaborate with you in the future.

When will the new site be live?

The Farm Table website will relaunch in September/October 2017.

Why are we changing the site?

The Farm Table is approximately two years old. It originally began while Airlie was at home on her family farm trying to upskill and learn as much as possible to make a difference in her business. Read more about why The Farm Table was created here.

To date, it has been a DIY site and a hobby venture aimed at building up market research and experience. Airlie is now wholly committed to redeveloping and rebuilding a professional, valuable and much-needed offering in the agricultural space.

Will the new site be different?

Yes, but the key problem The Farm Table is trying to overcome remains the same  - a growing frustration of knowing there is so much knowledge in the agricultural industry but it takes so much time to be find it, capture it, make sense of it and then garner some practical learnings from it.

New farmers are hungry for knowledge and opportunities, however there is no central platform to access resources, training opportunities, peer and mentor exchange opportunities. The redeveloped site will be more focused, timely and have a much-improved user experience. The Farm Table will continue to harness the industry's knowledge, but in a way never seen before.

What is the vision of The Farm Table?

The Farm Table online ecosystem will harness the collective know-how of Australian Agriculture for farmers by creating an online platform for two-way collaboration and learning.

The goal is to become farmer’s trusted online sidekick to enable them to connect with others, continuously learn and grow in their confidence in order to improve their farm businesses.


Stay tuned!

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