Bureau of Meteorology Climate & Water Outlook

The regular climate and water outlook videos cover rainfall, streamflow and temperature. 


The website also allows you to look at a number of rainfall scenarios and
see the chance of specific rainfall amounts in your region.

A range of tools for the computer, iPhone and iPad that are "designed for decision makers whose business relies on the weather".

There are a number of climate analyses available that help you to answer a number of questions:


There are four key climate drivers at work in NSW and Victoria. Climate Dogs are a set of entertaining videos that explain these climate drivers in a way that is accessible and understandable. 

Developed by the Victorian and NSW DPI's with the Bureau of Meteorology, the five sheepdogs round up the rainfall and the videos show how their behaviour affects moisture and rainfall.

Check out the videos below — they help farmers understand weather drivers and can assist in planning for the future.

Bureau of Meteorology ENSO Wrap-Up

The ENSO wrap-up analyses current conditions and indicators of El Niño and La Niña events. 

Overview of El Nino, Australian Government

The diagram above shows the area affected by La Niña, when it occurs and how long it may last, BOM

The diagram above shows the area affected by La Niña, when it occurs and how long it may last, BOM

Climate Kelpie has done a lot of the work for you, by rounding up and connecting Australian agriculture to "tools and information about climate to help you make decisions about your farm business".

As a "one stop shop" for climate risk management information and tools, the website has been designed specifically for farmers and farm advisors.

On the website, you can find information and decision-support tools on adapting to a more variable climate, as well as regional weather drivers for wherever you live in Australia. Also, the website provides case studies from over forty farmers across the country who have been recognised as Managing Climate Variability Climate Champions.  

Climate Kelpie also brings together and explains a number of global climate models.

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