What is Holistic Management?

The four cornerstones of managing holistically are financial planning, grazing planning, land planning and biological monitoring.
— Holistic Management International

Where can I find information on holistic management?

The Bruce Ward Legacy Trust has been created in memory of the late Bruce Ward, who is considered "a great educator of Holistic Management".

The site offers free resources to anyone interested, including videos, downloadable planning materials, and much, much more!

This site does not seek to convince you of the need to manage holistically. It is a resource for those who have chosen to manage this way because of their belief that they can do better.
— Bruce Ward Legacy Trust

The Savory Institute, cofounded by Allan Savory, "promotes large-scale restoration of the world’s grasslands through holistic management."

The site has a number of e-books and materials for purchase (ranging from $0.99 - $20.93). The materials included bundled course information, production worksheets and ecological monitoring templates.


Holistic Management International, who's mission "to educate people to manage land for a sustainable future," has a number of free downloadable resources — including an introduction manual, production manuals and worksheets, and a financial planning manual.

Just request a free download to access the information.