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AgriWebb Notebook

What: An end-to-end farm management tool on a portable notebook that brings together record keeping and reporting, paddock, pasture, crop and livestock management, mapping, rainfall and inventory.The notebook replaces traditional paper notebooks and desktop computer systems.

Key functions:

  • Your paddock map is loaded onto your android allowing movements and actions to be performed and actions to be performed using a simple “drag and drop” function.
  • Portable, backs up information, provides task reminders and gives snapshots of important farm metrics.
  • Track and interpret data for increasing short term farm efficiency, enabling long term process improvement.
  • Farm map - build and edit over time, with photos attached
  • Reporting - generate reports on your property metrics
  • Mob management - drag and drop record keeping
  • Crop management
  • Task management
  • Rainfall measurement
  • Chemical inventory

Platform: Samsung Tab A Tablet with AgriWebb pre-installed
Cost: From $1,100 (exc. GST)
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it? AgriWebb    Google Play
Reviews: Google Play

AgWorld - iPad

What: The Agworld app is a data management system capturing, managing and leveraging your agricultural business whilst in the field. Farm planning, document management, data capture tools, geo spatial mapping, industry information library, communication tools and more are featured in the app.

Key functions:

  • Work online or offline.
  • Access, record and communicate the information you need out of the office.
  • Record observations and recommendations
  • Agronomists can keep an overview of clients activities, alerts and progress.
  • Farmers can view farm maps and receive recommendations
  • Also useful for contractors, view clients maps, record application records

Platform: iOS (iPad)
Cost: Trial Free (refer to Agworld for details)
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it? iTunes
Reviews: No current reviews

Allflex RS420

What: Get the Allflex RS420 app and see how easy it is to transfer session data from the reader and record it to the NLIS or NAIT(New Zealand) database. The Allflex RS420 app connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to the Allflex RS420 stick reader, which is required to transfer data.

Key functions:

  • Transfer RFID tag data straight to your iPhone or iPad and directly upload to the NLIS database and/or your e-mail address.
  • Select sessions to download and transfer tags to your phone and transfer data to the NLIS or NAIT database.

Location: Australia
Platform: iPhone, iPad
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it?  Allflex,   iTunes
Reviews: No current reviews

F-Track Live

What: The F-Track Live app is your complete on the go farm management tool allowing multiple users to record and access all farm information, wherever and whenever they want. Its a notebook that has the most up to date information on everything happening on the farm. Synchronised with an online server all data entered in constantly updated and when out of range data is stored locally and updated when in service.

Key functions:

  • Livestock manager tracks animal enterprises, movements, treatments, events, purchases and sales over multiple properties. Track livestock in mobs or groups creating a fully traceable history to any paddock, treatment or event in their life.
  • Crop manager tracks all farming events recording all relevant data. (spraying, tillage, sowing, harvesting etc.)
  • Allocate tasks or generate plans with Task management tracking their completion.
  • Paddock mapping and tracking function allows users to know what paddock they are close to and current paddock history
  • Silo manager records on and off farm grain information, quality, type and location
  • Track farm fuel usage with Fuel Inventory with the ability to allocate vehicles and warnings when low.
  • uSee remote monitoring systems
  • Current market prices for livestock and grain commodities
  • Chemical, fertiliser and tool inventory to record and track use and a MSDS creator for chemical and fertilizer safety.

Location: Australia
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Cost: 30 day free trial. The apps are charged at tier 13 for the livestock and cropping monthly subscription, tier 20 for the full monthly subscription and tier 4 for the non-commercial subscription. Yearly subscriptions are based at tier 64 for livestock and cropping, tier 72 for the full subscription. Depending on local currency, this equates to $4.99 AUD (tier 4), $16.99 (tier 13), $24.99 AUD (tier 20), $169.99 AUD (tier 64) and $249.99 AUD (tier 72). Refer to iTunes for subscription details
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it?  F-Track Live       iTunes
Reviews: iTunes


What: FarmBoss helps with calculated decision making on farm by helping with budgeting, reporting, calculations, breeding, feed and stock.

Key functions:

  • Feed - From simple feed budgeting to more complex nutrient calculations=
  • Stock -  Dates for mating and calving, Replacement target weight calculations, Calculates daily weight gain to increase Body Condition Scores, Livestock unit calculations, Stock transport costs
  • Track it - Report outputs against budgets, Measure key performance areas.
  • Email 8 of the 22 calculators to employees.

Location: New Zealand
Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), Android
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it?     iTunes        Google Play
Reviews: iTunes      Google Play


What: App that allows you to calculate the amount of grass available in your paddock to graze. 

Key functions:

  • Measure, record and manage your grazing plan
  • Save grass measurement data
  • Keep records of your livestock movements
  • Plot grass wedge information graphically
  • Export to your e-mail in spreadsheet format
  • Set reminders in your phone calendar

Location: UK
Platform: Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) 
Cost:  Android ($9.15)  iOS ($13.99)
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it?  farmGRAZE   iTunes    Google Play
Reviews: iTunes     Google Play

Farm Manager

What: The Farm Manager app allows farmers to record cropping, livestock and machinery procedures and access information. Keep track of livestock, with full details of stock including, tag numbers, breed and year born. Farm Manager sync’s data across devices and provides backup to their cloud service.

Key functions:

  • Livestock recording including ear tag, bloodlines, breeds and year born.
  • Record full history of crops and chemical and fertilizer used (type, rate and date applied).
  • Record shearing and crutching dates and treatments.
  • Keep tack of machinery maintenance.
  • Take photos (i.e. livestock) and link them to the data

Location: Australia
Platform: iPhone, iPad, ipod touch
Cost: From $14.99p/m
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it? Stringybark Software      iTunes
Reviews: iTunes


What: Farm management just go easier with the Farmware app, storing all farm activities in the one place. Record past, present and future activities for livestock including recording and viewing head counts, breed, sex, age, location and health treatments. Cropping and Storage can also be inputted.

Key functions:

  • Keep track of mobs and number
  • Maintain animal treatments
  • Maintain records of multiple livestock types
  • Analyse livestock performance (stock rating analyses)
  • Record grazing on any paddock combination
  • Maintain paddock usage records, paddock/ crop treatments and performances
  • Maintain basic storage inventories

Location: Australia
Platform: Android. (iPhone & iPad coming soon)
Cost: Free- limitations include no data back up, single user only, no printer or data export, no customer support
Subscription Version- includes unlimited cloud storage,  paddocks, livestock, crops and customer support).
First 30 days free, Lite ($22 per month for 2 devices), Standard ($44 per month for four devices), Enterprise ($77 per month for 8 devices).

Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it?  farmware        Google Play
Reviews: farmware   Google Play


Herd- Animal and Livestock Management

What: The Herd- Animal and Livestock Management allows the user to track animals, the app presenting them clearly and efficiently. Medication treatment can also be entered.

Key functions:

  • Animal identifier, sex, breed, age
  • Genetic dam, sire
  • Purchase and sale market, buyer and seller
  • Insemination dates
  • EBV and EPD index

Location: Australia
Platform: iPhone and iPod
Cost: Free (5 animals)    I   unlimited animals $16.99
Available offline/without reception: Unknown
Where do I get it?  iTunes
Reviews: iTunes


What: The iHerd app simplifies the herd management process for farmers allowing them to access livestock and property details. iHerd provides the user with lifetime traceability of the herd such as treatments and location movements. The software allows farmers to enter information onto the computer server while in the paddock, therefore saving time, "revolutionising the way farmers maintain records”.

Key functions:

  • Property Management- enter details about properties, yards and paddocks. Information entered is generated to help assess the total number of cattle, the stocking rate and total size.
  • Herd Management- Herds can be categorised by group, subgroup or breed and also by type (group, breed) and location (property, paddock, yard). Manage sales, births, deaths, treatments and lost and found. Transfer cattle between paddocks, yards and properties (server required), with automatic accounting and auditing.
  • Treatment cabinet- monitor treatment process enabling the farmer to manage batches of specific chemicals, recording of quantities, dosing size and purchase date/ expiry at each property.
  • Tally counting
  • General Reporting
  • Invite other users to help manage your account from a single property, your entire account or everything in between. Invitations allow level of access. (No accessed read only, read write and admin.)

Location: Australia
Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it?  iHerd        iTunes       Google Play
Reviews:    iTunes     Google Play

Pocket PAM 2

What: The PAM 2 app collects farm records and synchronizes data directly into you PAM software on your farm computer via WiFi or internet connection. Spraying, fertiliser, machinery, cropping related tasks, weather records, farm maps, livestock records, pasture monitoring, inventory management plus much more are available on this app.

Key functions:

  • Crop Tasks- store manual tasks, machinery events, planting records, harvesting records, irrigation records, fertiliser applications. Track inventory batch numbers and spray weather details.
  • gpsScout- crop observations, pest, diseases and weed scouting. Sync records to PAM mapping.
  • Mapping and Weather
  • General purpose Diary
  • Field Rex- designed to be used by consultants to record in the field recommendations
  • Stock Taker and Inventory
  • Harvest produce inventory- use for selling, transferring or using harvest produce
  • Time Keeper- Record events, who did them, where, what they did and how long it took.
  • Livestock diary- Record livestock movements, vet treatments, supplementary feeding, shearing, branding, breeding, purchases, sales, births, deaths etc.
  • Pasture scout- record pasture covers and pasture growth rate

Location: Australia
Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it?     FAIRPORT Farm Software    iTunes       GooglePlay
Reviews: GooglePlay


Pro Grass Rotation

What: Manage grass with the Pro Grass Rotation app. Enter, update and review data while on the move. Get more grazing grass each season by preparing and adjusting schedules according to budget.

Key functions:

  • Calculate daily demand for grass, Target Pre grading yield, DM Yield, Grass Growth and Quantity Per Cow.
  • Maximise the intake of highly digestible grazed grass.
  • Clearly shows high and low performing paddocks.
  • Reduces fertiliser use.
  • Visually map paddocks within the farm,

Location: Ireland
Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, Ipod touch), android coming soon
Cost: iTunes $9.99
Available offline/without reception: No
Where do I get it?  Smart Farm Apps          iTunes
Reviews: iTunes

Stocktake Plus

What: Have the ability to make informed decisions about stocking rates and paddock management with the Stocktake plus app, establishing longer term condition and productivity of the grazing business. Using best management practices and undergoing short term budgeting, the app ensures more proactive management of pasture and livestock. The app also consists of inbuilt support tools including, land type factsheet, pasture growth tables, accessible yield calculation sheets to name a few.

Key functions:

  • Monitor grazing land condition by logically guiding the user through the process.
  • Store information and produces reports (long tem carrying capacity calculations).
  • Guide the user through a basic or detailed forage budget.
  • Store rainfall records.
  • Store stock number.
  • Using GPS it directs users to their monitoring sites and identify users land (land type mapping of Queensland).
  • Back up all information securely on the internet, private to the user.

Location: Australia
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, android
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: No
Where do I get it? Stocktake Plus    iTunes GooglePlay
Reviews: No current reviews

Tambero Free Cattle Management

What: The Tambero Cattle Management App manages all things dairy and beef cattle, complete with animal database support. The farmer can manage animals and plots, immunisation and health events, feed rations, milk production, heat detection and stress levels through Tambero’s visual environment, designed to make your job easier.

Key functions:

  • Complete animal database
  • Eartag/ pedigree/ breed
  • Weight and body gain records
  • Health and vaccination records
  • Lactation and best breeders
  • Breeding status and alerts
  • Weaning alerts and required herd movements

Location: Argentina
Platform: Android
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: No
Where do I get it? Tambero     GooglePlay
Reviews: GooglePlay

Tru-Test Data Link

What: The Tru- Test Data Link app enables the user to transfer data from Tru- Test devices, through Bluetooth or wi-fi. The app is designed to transfer session files to send directly to Australian or New Zealand traceability database or to a designated e-mail address. If the user has no service or wi-fi, the session transfer will happen automatically the next time the users in range.

Key functions:

  • Directly upload to NLIS or NAIT (New Zealand) databases from the yard
  • Select a session file to e-mail to yourself or to someone else
  • Open sessions and review animal records on your phone
  • GPS location of data download attached to e-mails (optional)

Location: Austalia
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, android
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it?  Tru- Test           GooglePlay                iTunes
Reviews: GooglePlay

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