Farm Business Overview Factsheet (P2P Agri, GRDC): "Maintaining a sound business management discipline of measuring business performance, using this information for planning and then learning from each year’s results, will ensure a healthy and sustainable business."

Property Management Planning: Financial Management Module (TFGA): The financial management module is a basic tool which helps you, as the farm operator or business manager, to do this and aims to help you to make more informed decisions relating to the management of the entire farming operation.

Farm Business Plan Template (ANZ NZ): An editable PDF template online.

AgPlan (University of Minnesota): a free step by step online program to help you write a business plan - even in Australia!

Building a Business Plan for Your Future (Rodney Jones - Ag Manager): paper provides some detail to assist managers and other stakeholders in taking what many consider to be the first steps of putting together a formal business plan.

Whole Farm Planning (Agriculture Victoria): an introduction to whole farm planning, its core components and benefits.

Farm business management: Simple and effective business planning (GRDC): An introduction to strategic and business planning.

Making More From Sheep Business Planning Module (AWI, MLA): online module that walks though business plan objectives as well as a number of tools to help you create a rounded plan.

Farming the Business Manual (GRDC): This farm business management manual is a significant investment by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) to assist farmers with their business skills. This is an exciting project as there is both a traditional manual and an eBook version of the manual, which will be available soon.

Sample Business Plan and Financial Statements (The Carrot Project): A sample PDF to provide an example and some ideas for you!

Building a Sustainable Business: A Guide to Developing A Business Plan for Farms and Rural Businesses (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education): a 280 page free online book that introduces the business planning process, as well as provides samples and blank worksheets.

Agricultural Business Planning Templates and Resources (ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture): free online resources that contains business planning templates and further resources for agricultural enterprises. 

Starting a Business (AgMRC): a huge amount of material to guide you through market/business assessment, creating a business, and raising money.

On farm biosecurity planning tools (Livestock Biosecurity Network): a guide to planning as well as a custom built on farm biosecurity plan.

Farm energy planning calculator (NSW Farmers): an online tool that support you to make key steps in the farm energy planning process.

Strategic Business Planning for Commercial Producers(Purdue University): 33 PowerPoint presentations with complete presenter’s notes to aid in educating about how to be a highly effective business manager.

Business Planning Toolbox (Farm Answers): A whole toolbox designed at helping you plan for your business, including a building a sustainable business, developing a business plan, strategic positioning, and a site assessment tool.



Profit and Loss Budget Fact Sheet (P2P Agri, GRDC): "A profit and loss budget is a pure measure of business performance given income, expenses and retainment of unsold goods. It provides an essential part of the efficiency equations, where profit divided by managed assets provides the essential ‘return on managed capital’ measure. It is this measure that gives the efficiency of a business."

How does my Business compare (PIRSA)

Cash Flow Budget (P2P Agri, GRDC): "Simply, a cash flow budget measures the amount of money (cash) coming into a business, against what goes out and when."

Balance Sheet Fact Sheet (P2P Agri, GRDC): "A balance sheet lists the value of the various saleable assets of the business and the various liabilities. Its main aim is to measure the net worth of the business, which is the difference of the total assets and total liabilities."

Balance Sheet Worksheet (P2P Agri, GRDC): Simple worksheet to guide your own balance sheet.

Partial Budgeting Tool (Utah State University): Simple calculator to see the net effect of a proposed changes on your business.

AUSFARM (Horizon Agriculture): Software system that allows you to configure different simulations depending on different models of your farming operation.

Herd Budgeting Software (Breedcow and Dynama Software): Software package is designed to plan, evaluate and improve the profitability and financial management of extensive beef cattle enterprises.

Budgeting for Agricultural Decision Makers (PennState Extension): An introduction to various types of budgets, including enterprise budgets, breakeven analysis, partial budgeting and capital budgeting.

AgBizTools: tools from the QLD Government to help farmers calculate profit, and construct budgets and cashflows.

DairyBase: A web-based tool for farmers to compare their farm business over time, create reports and forecasts and generate benchmarks.

Dairy Financial Budgets (Dairy NZ): A range of annual and quick cash budgets and templates, monthly cashflow budgets, partial budgets and personal budgets.

Farm Financial Management Toolbox (Farm Answers): The Farm Financial Management toolbox contains tools that will make managing your finances easier and give you a better handle on the bottom line of your business, including a cashflow budget, mortgage calculator, financial statements, and a farm finance scorecard.




The Concept of Gross Margin Analysis in Farm Management (Modestus O Eke): Gross margin can be defined as the gross income form an enterprise less the variable costs incurred in achieving it. A deeper understanding of gross margins analysis should aid in choosing the farm products on which the agribusiness focuses.

Crop Gross Margin Fact Sheet (P2P Agri, GRDC): "A farm gross margin budget is a simple budget that calculates the gross margin (also called gross profit margin or gross profit rate) for an enterprise. Enterprise gross margin is defined as the total income derived from an enterprise minus the variable costs incurred in producing that enterprise."

Livestock Gross Margin Fact Sheet (P2P Agri, GRDC): "Many Australian farmers are involved in ‘multiple enterprise’ farming systems, which means the profits from each enterprise should be known. It is therefore important to understand gross margin budgets and their role in farm financial analysis."

Gross margin template for crop and livestock enterprises (PIRSA): The 2016 Farm Gross Margin Guide helps farmers and advisers compare the gross margins of enterprises, paddocks and rotations and their respective sensitivity to changes in production, cost and price to ultimately make the best decisions to maximise the chances of a successful 2016 season.

2016 Farm Gross Margin Guide (GRDC) This gross margin template for crop and livestock enterprises:

  • Provides representative gross margins for all major extensive crop and livestock enterprises across Southern Australia
  • Provides templates which allow easy calculation of your own Gross Margins
  • Compares the sensitivity of profit of enterprises to a change in production and price

Colorado State UniversityBreak-Even Method of Investment Analysis.

Colorado State University: Partial Budget Form.

Agriculture Victoria: Beef gross margin templates.

Farm Forms (NSW DPI): A number of gross margin budget templates, including beef breeding, beef trading and feedlotting.

GM Budget Template (NSW DPI): Spreadsheet to assist in record keeping and budgeting requirements.

Gross Margin Analysis Spreadsheet (DPIPWE Tas): Livestock GM spreadsheets for high and low rainfall areas.

Beef Gross Margins (NSW DPI): Examples of Gross Margin Budgets for a range of different beef enterprise.

Cattle Gross Margin Template (QLD Gov't): A template for calculating the difference between revenue and cost for beef production in Queensland.

Farm Gross Margins (Agriculture Victoria): Written introduction to farm gross margin.

Gross Margins: using VegTool (AusVeg): Factsheet designed to explained gross margins and the benefits of gross margin analysis and how to use the 'VegTool' as a method to complete a gross margin analysis for your particular vegetable growing enterprise.

Gross Margin Calculator (Dryland Cotton): Select the calculator for your area to compare expected gross margins and break even yields of dryland cotton with other crops.

Gross Margins for field crops (Queensland Government): Introduction to use and limitations of gross margins and considerations for rain-grown and irrigated winter crops.




Key Financial Ratios (P2P Agri, GRDC): "Financial ratios or benchmarks are used to assess business profitability, balance sheet structure and overall business performance. As farm businesses become more sophisticated and owners strive ever harder to improve profitability and create wealth, the move beyond simple measures of physical production to whole business analysis is gaining momentum."

Key Financial Ratios Worksheet (P2P Agri, GRDC): Simple worksheet that guides you in pulling together your ratios from your financial statements.

Comprehensive Financial Statements (Iowa State): Build a comprehensive set of financial statements including the beginning and ending net worth statements, the income statement, the cash-flow statement, the statement of owner equity, and the financial performance measures.

Farm Financial Tool Profit and Loss Fact Sheet (GRDC) and Key Financial Ratios Fact Sheet (GRDC).

The Key Tools of Farm Business Analysis (CSIRO): This chapter explains the benefits of accurately documenting farm assets and liabilities, as well as farm costs and income, to monitor the business performance of the dairy enterprise and plan for future growth.

Key Financial Ratios (RMS Ag): RMS present some key indicators based on predicted EBIT calculated on 15/16 client budget data.

Performance indicators and benchmarking in Australian agriculture: synthesis and perspectives (CSU):  This paper provides an overview of the most common whole farm physical and financial performance indicators and benchmarking practices used in Eastern Australia. 

Financial Benchmarking Tools (ANZ): tools that are simple and easy to use and are designed to assist you to benchmark the performance of your business against your industry and your peers.

Farm Finance Scorecard (MSU Extension): plot your financial ratios and access guidelines on what they all mean.

Financial Performance Measures (Iowa State University): presents typically measures that are used by most agricultural lenders and how to use them.



Cost of Production Fact Sheet (P2P Agri, GRDC): "Successful farm businesses know the cost of production of each commodity they produce. ´ The challenge in calculating the cost of production is the allocation of overhead costs."

Farm Business Costs (P2P Agri, GRDC): "Top farm businesses understand their expenditure in five key cost areas: Variable Costs, Overhead Costs, Financial Costs, Personal Costs and Capital Costs. Good cost management is central to running a profitable farming business. It is not just about reducing costs but understanding the returns." 

How do I determine my Cost of Production (PennState Extension): "The first step in determining the cost of producing your farm products is to keep good records. You will need at least a full year’s worth of income and expenses to accurately determine a cost of production."

Categorising Farm Costs and Farm Revenue (CSIRO):

Farm inputs and costs (Dairy Australia): to help farmers make expenditure decisions, Dairy Australia provides updates on key production inputs and costs.

Cost of production beef, lamb and goat (MLA): Cost of production (CoP), measured in cents per kilogram, is an indication of the outlay required to produce each kilogram of meat for beef, sheep and goat.

Cost of production calculator (Making More From Sheep): For sheep producers wanting to improve the performance of their enterprises, a good understanding of the current operating efficiency of the business is essential. Cost of production is a key factor affecting the profitability of sheep enterprises.