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A blog is sometimes referred to as an online personal journal. It is a site designated for an individual to write about his/her daily experiences, to illicit thoughts and often allowing readers to offer their comments. The term is a shortened form of “weblog”. Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or adding content to an existing blog is referred to as “blogging”. Individual articles on a blog are referred to as “blog posts”, “posts”, or “entries”, and the person who created the blog post is often called a “blogger”.
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We've categorised Australian Agriculture blogs into three categories:

Business or Technical: These are blogs that you can go to to find insightful production information and resources.

Industry Commentary & Opinion: Blogs from some of our leading movers and shakers about the issues confronting Australian Agriculture.

Life on the Farm: Stories and learnings from producers across the country, who share their knowledge and experiences for all.

Brian Cumming Agriculture Consultants
Each week, there is a new blog on the website giving you technical information on a wide range of topics including animal welfare, animal husbandry, disease and nutrition, buying property, weeds, cropping and markets. Worth checking out!

Rayner Reckons
Alastair posts a new blog each week sharing his knowledge, both technical and industry-related. The blogs focus primarily on issues relating to cattle production, but also cover social media, marketing, agricultural shows and business management. Jam packed full of relevant information!

The Conscious Farmer
The Conscious Farmer's weekly blogs bring you technical and insightful information on regenerative grazing. For less than a cup of coffee per week, the blog "will spark ideas in you for sustainable, productive farm practices in your grazing and cropping systems."

Sheep Connect NSW Blog
The blog keeps user updated with webinars, production information updates and the latest workshop information. It pulls together articles of interest and major issues of interest at different times of year.

Leading Sheep Blog
The blog is not regularly updated, but when it is, it provides interesting and practical information on issues from cotton seed feeder designs to using donkeys are guardian animals. The blog also connects you to the webinars, market projections and conferences.

Fiona Lake Blog
A little different from the blogs above, Fiona Lake uses her page to write on a breadth of topics, from opinion pieces on Australian agriculture, to providing tips to farmers on joining Twitter, social media use and tips for good blog writing.

Ochre Archives
Phillip Diprose, a farmer based in Grenfell, NSW, uses his blog to provide insightful and practical information on often-rarely touched topics online — upgrading tree guards, on-farm water experiments, cattle yard design, and fixing the floors of shearing sheds.

Based in Canberra, Victoria Taylor uses her blog to share her on communications, positioning and policy advice. The blogs look at topics such as branding, media, advocacy, social media and strategic planning.

High Steaks Farming
On High Steaks Farm, a 5,000 acre property in the NSW Central Tablelands, runs post-organic beef and lamb and sell directly to the public. The blog provides informative information on lambing, joining, grazing, shearing and handling.

Talking Fairleigh
Alison Fairleigh, 2013 RIRDC Rural Woman of the year, uses her blog to "engage both rural and urban communities to raise awareness of issues related to rural and remote Australia and mental health in general."

CSIRO News Blog
The CSIRO blog shares research and updates in the industry in a readable and accessible manner. Learn about water use efficiency, biosecurity, and turning wastewater into wine!

Milkwood Blog
Milkwood hopes to build a permaculture community through their website. The blog gives handy techniques, lets people know of their upcoming courses and shares great recipes.


Australian Farm Institute Ag Forum
Mick Keogh and the team at the AFI blog about the big issues affecting Australian agriculture and possible solutions for the future.

A Plain Perspective
David runs 10,000 cows in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. His informative blogs cover a wide range of issues — the future of food production, grasslands, livestock, politics, superannuation and perceptions of agriculture.

Agribuzz with David Leyonhjelm
Liberal Democrats Senator for NSW, Leyonhjelm, more than often causes a stir in politics. In his blog in The Land, he provides commentary, news and analysis on the sector.

Agribusiness Plus
Roy Duncanson of the Agribusiness Council comments on the importance of the agricultural industry, advocacy, media and the role of agribusiness.

Art4Agriculture Chat
Read the Young Farmer Champions blogs — wonderful and insightful stories of young people on the land.

Farming Ahead of the Curve
Lynne Strong wears many hats and this blog is just one of them. She shares stories from from Clover Hill Dairies, her hopes and dreams for the industry, and her opinions on a range of issues.

Farmer Has a Wife
Alice, a journalist and farmer's wife, uses her blog to share stories of Australian agriculture and producers she has met. She covers current affairs, new innovations and celebrates the people in our industry.

Nuffield Scholar's Blog Sites
Follow the adventures of the Nuffield scholar's as they blog about their travels and learnings throughout the year.

Burrs Under My Saddle
Peter Mallier is a farmer from Boggabilla in Northern NSW. He is co-founder of the Country Party in Australia. He shares his perspectives and opinions on the current state of agriculture in Australia and what change is required. 

Bush Matters
Queensland-based LNP Senator Barry O'Sullivan blogs about the issues facing people in rural Australia and advocates for Australian agriculture.

Canberra Comment
In Canberra Comment, Fairfax Agricultural Media Canberra correspondent, Colin Bettles, discusses the big issues impacting our rural and agricultural industries.

Get Muddy
Sam Trethewey gets muddy and provides opinion on the issues facing people on the land. His blogs often stir fervent discussion and debate.

Leading Questions
Australian Rural Leadership Foundation CEO Matt Linnegar looks at the issues impacting the agriculture sector.

Out of the Shadow
Based in the NSW Hunter Valley, Shadow Agriculture Minister Joel Fitzgibbon comments on agricultural policy in Australia. 

The Iceberg Letters
Ashley Walmsley, editor of Good Food and Vegetables, Fairfax's national horticulture magazine. In his blog he scripts letters to uncover what is under the iceberg issue. 

Global Farmer
Roger Crook, the Global Farmer, aims to facilitate "a thoughtful conversation on the proposition of the need for a change throughout the structure of Australian agriculture."


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Central Station
This wonderful blog could be under any of the three categories. Each week, the blog showcases a different business involved in the Northern beef industry. It came about in the aftermath of the 2011 live export ban and is designed to let northern beef producers tell their own stories. 

Cattle Producer
Want an insight into a cattle station in the NT? Look no further! Jo Bloomfield and her family run a pastoral property in the Roper Gulf region breeding Droughtmaster cattle. The blogs share photos and stories of their day-to-day life, as well as opinion pieces on issues including live export, stunning, animal welfare groups, industry agencies and other current affairs pertinent to our industry.

Ricardo Farms Morvenvale Farm Blog
Zero-Till Brothers, David and Peter Ricardo, operate a 8,000ha cropping operation between Walgett and Collarenebri. They keep readers updated through the calendar of operations involved with being crop farmers, from planting to stubble management, and everything in between. There blogs include beautiful photos and videos as well!

The Milk Maid Marian
Marian and her family operate a dairy in Gippsland, Victoria. She blogs about day to day life as a dairy farmer and provides commentary on key industry issues and concerns.

Redleaf Farm
This Southern Highlands family run a small number of livestock, including Border Leister ewes. They sell their Redleaf lamb direct to customers and the blog covers all aspects of their life on the farm with their four children.

KT's Farm Life
KT is a five year old farm-lover from the Central Tablelands of NSW. Their 3,000 acre farm runs fine wool merino sheep, prime lambs and beef cattle. The blog is targeted at urban children that are KT's age.

Broadacre Babe
Karen lives on the Eyre Peninsula with her family and her blog shares their life. Her posts are informative for those who want to learn the going in's and out's of broadacre farming in Australia.

The Lego Farmer
The Lego Farmer blog is an absolute cracker! Inspired by a love of photography and agriculture, the blog follows The Lego Farmer's rural adventures in Southern NSW.

Located in North East Victoria and run by the Marriott family, Yarallah produces and finishes lamb locally. Their blog provides seasonal updates of what is going on at the property.

Bessie at Burragan
Bess lives 110km from the nearest town and 200km from the nearest supermarket. She lives and works with her husband on "Burragan", a sheep property, and she blogs about Australian agriculture, her life as an ag agvocate, and adventures of the farm.

Nerd Farmer
Jonathan Dyer, trained in Information Technology, has returned to his family farm and is blogging about it! The blog, which started back in 2007, brings a unique technical perspective to agriculture. Jonathan shares farm happenings, climate updates, and his Nuffield scholar experience.

Farmers Way of Life
Michael, a farmer from Geraldton in WA, wants to spread the word of agriculture through his blog. He shares the ups and downs, his opinions, poetry and even his manuscript for his book.

Bush Babe of Oz
Amanda, photographer, wife and mother, uses her beautiful pictures to showcase her life on the land.

The Farming Game
Martin is a farmer, student, photographer, pilot, adventurer and agricultural advocate. Through his blog, he shares his experiences and insights into life on the land. He also has a YouTube channel — see below!


Blogs can have different purposes 

They can have a strong storytelling element, or they can be highly technical and informative.

Fiona Lake, a photographer and writer living in Townsville, explains the farm blog environment in Australia in one of her own blog posts. She notes that farm blogs can roughly be put into three different baskets:

"There are those that are entertaining and informative accounts of daily domestic issues... 

These blogs are interesting and very useful in regard to helping non-rural residents understand what it’s like to live in the bush – particularly from the point of view of being a mother and a wife."  

"There are also many blogs written by people running food production enterprises that are not of a sufficient scale to produce an income large enough to live on. Those written by people who do not have a rural background are interesting in regard to growing your own food in your spare time, often with very innovative ideas, and often with very clear descriptions of farming practices because they’ve been written by people new to the business."

"Blogs written by people who grew up on farms, moved to the city or mines for a career, then returned to the bush. People who grew up on the land and return to it, do so with enthusiasm tempered by a healthy dose of realism."

"It’s much harder to locate well-explained rural blogs written by people who are hands-on running fulltime agribusinesses, long-term – with nitty-gritty factual information and debatable issues relating to large scale farming and livestock raising." 

We recommend you check Fiona's post out!

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