Financial & Business Management Resources

As factors like drought peel back the fat and market prices carve off the meat, we’re left fumbling with the bloodied raw carcase that is financial illiteracy.

Of course financial illiteracy isn’t unique to rural Australia by any stretch, yet it is often compounded in family-run and home-based businesses which shun external involvement.
— Sam Trethewey, Get Muddy, 2014.


AgBizTools: tools from the QLD Government to help farmers calculate profit, and construct budgets and cashflows.

DairyBase: A web-based tool for farmers to compare their farm business over time, create reports and forecasts and generate benchmarks.

An introduction to farm financial management (ACS Distance Education)

Guidelines for Minimum Standards Property Management Planning: Financial Management Module (Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association)

Farm Financial Tool Profit and Loss Fact Sheet (GRDC)

Farm Business Planning Tools (DPIPWE Tas)

DairyCHECK Farm Business Management Analysis

Farm Business Management (SMARTCANE)

Farm Business Planning Workbook (Agriculture Food and Development Authority, Ireland)

Economic Analysis Tool (DEPI VIC)

The Key Tools of Farm Business Analyses (CSIRO)

& Programs

Rabobank Executive Development Program: two week-long modules run over consecutive years in Sydney. 
"It examines the latest management practices as they apply to agriculture to enhance commercial management skills, explore growth opportunities and develop business strategies." 

Rabobank Farm Managers Program: week-long residential management course with small group sizes.
"The week-long program is led by expert presenters and includes interactive presentations, discussions, small groups, case studies and a farm visit. Join a diverse group of like-minded peers and network as you hone your skills."

Holmes & Sackett Farm Profit Symposium: two day symposium in Wagga Wagga, NSW in August. Register by July 16th.

"Learn how the Top 20% most profitable farms do it, network with profit driven farmers, listen to a first-hand account of successful farm business growth."

MLA EDGENetwork Business Edge: two-day financial and business management workshop for northern beef producers.
"The aim is to enhance producer knowledge and skills in basic financial and business management to improve beef business efficiency and profitability."

Rural Biz Online Farm Budgeting: self-paced online training and interactive online sessions.
"Budgeting is an important part of farm financial management, allowing you to anticipate likely financial outcomes and plan accordingly." 

Rural Biz Online Writing a Business Plan: Day by day online course over 2 weeks so you can develop and finalise your business plan.
"It is an fully online course with everything you will need on line, on completion you can up load your application for feedback before submitting it with your funding application."

Rural Biz Online Understanding Farm Financial Statements: self-paced online package or workshops in your area with groups of 12 or more.
"Are you paying your accountant to prepare your annual financial statements and then not understanding what is in them?"

ACS Distance Education Farm Management: eight online lessons over 100 hours cover a range of business and financial management modules.
"Through this course, learn to analyse, diagnose and make decisions related to the management of a farm business. The course relates to managing all resources, including; production, staff, physical resources, and natural resources."

DPI NSW Business Structures & Relationships: online course run over 3 months. 
"This subject covers how to chose a business structure that best suits a rural family business and how to review the way the business is organised, including its provision for succession. It also looks at how to develop effective stress management strategies and ways to access networks and support groups."

Principle Focus The Business of Farming Workshop: a four day workshop looking at profit, production, planning and productivity.
"On average between 20 and 30 people attend a Business of Farming course. There is always a very diverse mix of people which ensures great group dynamics and better learning outcomes. The course focuses on drawing from the experience within the group and is full of activities to keep you focused and energised."


Phoenix: AgData has a number of financial and budgeting products, available in the cloud and as software. 

Agrimaster: a farm finance software program including cashbook, internet banking, budgets, BAS, reporting and stock control.

Practical Systems: a range of livestock and financial management programs, including a StockBook, CashBook, FarmBook and FarmMap. 

IAgri: a number of farm management tools and agricultural software products, that can be integrated with banking and accounting systems. There is also a PocketApp available.


If you can't get your head around the financial management side of your business, seek some assistance.

Contact your bank, your accountant, or do a simple google search for farm financial management consultants in your area.