All State Agricultural Service - Bull Fertility Training Course

"This is a training course and equipment package which will allow you the convenience of fertility testing your bulls on your own farm in your own time."

What: Training and equipment for onsite bull fertility testing.
Who: All State Agricultural Service
When: Throughout the year.
Where: Contact ASAS.
Cost: Package includes Professional equipment – EGS Electrojector, 12V Battery Leads, 3 Bar Bull Probe and Microscope with 1 day full training, an extra day is available on request. Course and Package – $2500 plus GST.

All State Agricultural Service - Cattle Artificial Insemination Course

"We use everyday language to enable students to obtain the most from the course. The course offers ample “hands on” practical insemination time – the key to becoming a proficient inseminator."

What: Three day ACEC approved Training Course designed to cover all aspects of Cattle Artificial Breeding from Conception to Calving.
Who: All State Agricultural Service
When: Throughout the year.
Where:  TAFE colleges throughout NSW, Tocal Agricultural College, Sydney University Vet Students, Sydney University Ag Students and on private farms – as a group or by private tuition.
Cost: $400 + GST

All State Agricultural Service - Pregnancy Testing Course

"This course will provide farmers with the skills to recognize the characteristics of pregnancy in cattle. The course covers all aspects of the anatomy of the cow, pregnancy testing involves more than “putting your hand in”.

What: Held over two days and limited to 8 students. Subjects covers are the reproductive anatomy of the cow, step by step guide to pregnancy testing, recognizing stages of pregnancy testing from 2 months onwards, breeding records – an essential management tool, reproductive diseases and other methods of pregnancy testing including how to tail bleed for pregnancy testing via blood sample. This course is ACEC DPI and Qld DAFF Accredited.
Who: All State Agricultural Service
Throughout the year.
Where:  Across Australia. Combined Pregnancy Testing and AI courses available.
Cost: $400 + GST

Beef Breeding Services Pty Ltd - Artificial Insemination Course

"Beef Breeding Services (BBS) is well positioned to provide Queensland and international clients with training and support in all facets of artificial breeding, bull selection and breeder herd management."

What: The four-day Artificial Insemination course is conducted several times a year at Berrigurra (near Blackwater) and Narayen Station (near Mundubbera). 
Who: Beef Breeding Services.
When: Throughout the year.
Where:  Queensland. AlI training courses are now conducted in partnership with the Emerald Agricultural College.
Cost: Unknown. Contact BBS.

MLA EdgeNetwork - The Breeding EDGE

"Is designed to help you develop a cattle breeding program or improve your existing one. Topics covered include examining your current situation, reproduction issues, genetics, setting breeding objectives, livestock selection and managing the herd to capture benefits."

What: Part of a number of EdgeNetwork courses run by MLA that "offers practical learning opportunities to help producers gain knowledge and develop skills necessary to improve their livestock enterprises."
Who: MLA and industry experts
When: Throughout the year
Where: Various locations. See the website. 
Cost: Three day workshop and follow up day approximately $1,650 (reduced rates per additional person).

National Herd Improvement Agency - Artificial Insemination Course

"Delivered by qualified industry trainers, the three day courses provide a thorough grounding in AI technique."

What: The AI course is a short course comprising of one day of Theory (Part A) followed a week later by two days of intense, hands‐ on, Practical training on live cows (Part B).
Who: The National Centre for Dairy Education (NCDEA) with the National Herd Improvement Association of Australia Inc. (NHIA).
When: Throughout the year.
Where:  Victoria, with part B at Sunbury.
Cost: Unknown