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Access to complete, accurate and unbiassed information to allow farmers to make their own decisions.

Specific research and development that is about the farmer being more productive and profitable over time.

Access to evidence based advice in the face of increasing marketing and promotion of non-evidence based products and advice.

Q: Do you have any other comments or
suggestions about what online information
would be relevant for you as an Australian

A: Trial results. GRDC seems to be good at organising trials and disseminating information, but there is no equivalent for the beef industry.

A: Government trial information

A: . Current sources of information are outdated and run on emotion, not good business information or sense.

A: RD&E information is currently available on a vast range of websites. While some info is sector specific, some is relevant to other sectors. Some websites contain good information but it is “buried” i.e. the site is not user friendly. We need better coordination of information but if any new websites are created they should not ‘reinvent the wheel’. Information also needs to address questions and gaps.

Do these thoughts reflect your opinions? How would you like research and trial information to be presented to make your life easier? Please let us know!

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