Additional tools and calculators

CATTLE TRANSPORT COSTS (NSW Gov't): A calculator to display costs using live or dressed weight animals.

WEED IDENTIFICATION TOOL (Sainty & Associates): is an interactive weed identification tool available on the national Weeds Australia website.

HEALTH COST BENEFIT CALCULATOR (MLA): determine the benefit of applying an animal health treatment to a herd for bloat, clostridial diseases and grass tetany.

RAINFALL & PASTURE GROWTH (QLD Gov't): series of maps showing simulated pasture growth, which should provide a more accurate picture of seasonal conditions.

FARMGAS CALCULATOR (Australian Farm institute): The FarmGAS Scenario Tool is for farmers, researchers and advisors to investigate how different management practices might alter their greenhouse gas emissions profile.

METACCESS (Horizon Agriculture): Designed to display and analyse daily weather records and provide users with estimates of probability of specified weather patterns within the range of data from a specified locality.