CARRYING CAPACITY CALCULATOR (Noble Foundation): Simple calculator that predicts carrying capacity of a particular forage type (note: it is in lbs/ac-in).

SGS PASTURE MODEL (IMJ Consultants)A simulation model that predicts pasture growth in response to climate and management decisions.

PASTURE PHOTO-STANDARDS (FutureBeef): Photos to assist to develop pasture budgets and dry season business management plans.

PHASES OF PASTURE GROWTH - Buffel Grass (FutureBeef): A visual aid to restocking after wet season spelling.

AUSSIEGRASS (State of Queensland): pasture growth production outlook across Australia on a 5km scale.

GRASSGRO (Horizon Agriculture): A decision support tool to examine variability in pasture and animal production and analyses performance of different grazing enterprises.

FEED ON OFFER LIBRARY (AWI): With over 500 records collected, the library helps users estimate FOO and the nutritive value of grazed pastures.

PASTURE COVERS (AgHUB): Automated data feeds let you monitor paddock pasture accurately in any season.

PASTURES FROM SPACE (CSIRO): provides estimates of pasture production by means of remote sensing. 

RAINFALL TO PASTURE OUTLOOK TOOL (MLA, ABARES): presents rainfall and soil indices of moisture and pasture growth for last nine months and an outlook for the next three months.

RESERVE HERD DAYS CALCULATOR (Noble Foundation): Calculates reserve herd days on a particular pasture based on forage type, pasture height and desired residual height (in acres and lbs/ac-in).

STOCKTAKE PLUS (FutureBeef):  Stocktake Plus is a vehicle for promoting the Best Management Practices (BMPs) of monitoring grazing land condition, and undertaking short-term forage budgeting, for more proactive management of pasture and livestock. The overall aim is to make these practices easier and more immediate for graziers.

PASTURE PREDICTOR (Sense-T Tas): Gives farmers in Tasmanian an insight into how much pasture will grow in their local areas in the next 30 days.

YIELD MAPPING (AgHUB): Produces yield maps – including within-paddock detail - showing pasture covers, pasture growth, pasture eaten and pasture measurement tracking.

PASTURE IMPROVEMENT CALCULATOR (Evergraze): Calculates the costs and benefits associated with resowing pastures compared to the current situation.

GROW MORE PASTURE (Making More From Sheep): Module 7 has a number of tools including fertiliser test strips, interpreting soil tests and pasture assessment techniques.

CALCULATE THE VALUE OF NITROGEN AND GIBBERELLIC ACID (Evergraze): Calculates the costs of applying these additives, which may assist pasture production during winter.

PHOSPHOROUS TOOL (MLA): Assists in determining suitable levels of P-fertilisation on acid soils in Southern Australia.

LEUCAENA COST CALCULATOR (QLD Gov't): Estimates the cost per Hecate of establishing leucaena for cattle grazing.

TROPICAL FORAGES (Various): An interactive tool for selecting forage species suitable for local conditions in the tropics and subtropics.

NITROGEN RESPONSE RATE CALCULATOR (Dairy Centre): Predicts N fertiliser response rate based on soil temperature, soil moisture content and application rate.

COVER CROPPING DECISION SUPPORT TOOL (CSIRO): Quantifies the financial implications of the cover crop or the potential effect on livestock productivity.

CENTRAL QLD BRIGALOW FORAGE GM (QLD Gov't): used to test alternative scenarios based on individual property production and input figures.

CENTRAL QLD OPENS DOWNS FORAGE GM (QLD Gov't): used to test alternative scenarios based on individual property production and input figures.

DRY FERTILISER CALCULATOR (Noble Foundation): This calculator is for use with soil test results that will allow you to compare prices and furnish spread rates. Enter the price of fertilizer in your area, your acreage and N-P-K needed (from your soil test recommendation).

EFFLUENT MANAGEMENT (AgHUB): Using effluent nutrient test data and your spreader’s flow and throw measurement, creates daily and seasonal effluent reports tracking volume and depth, as well as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium estimates. 

FORAGE (QLD Gov't): A web-based system which generates and distributes information relating to climate and pasture condition at user-specified locations.

FERTILISER MANAGEMENT (AgHUB):  Knowing where fertiliser is required, ordering supplies, applying it with precision and accurately monitoring the results is a major mission. The Ag Hub Fertiliser Management module saves time and makes it easy.

FERTILISER PROOF OF PLACEMENT (AgHUB): It lets you see exactly where fertiliser has been spread on your farm map. Data is received automatically from your GPS-enabled spreader or you can up-load a file that has been sent by your fertiliser applicator.

SOUTH QLD BRIGALOW FORAGE GM (QLD Gov't): used to test alternative scenarios based on individual property production and input figures.

BARLEY (FEED) DRYLAND SQ GM (QLD Gov't): Gross margin assessment for dryland feed barley production in southern Queensland.

LIME CALCULATOR (Noble Foundation): This calculator figures the amount of lime needed based on soil test report values.

LUCERNE NQ GM (QLD Gov't): Gross margin assessment for Lucerne production in northern Queensland. 

NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT (AgHUB): Using automated inputs from GPS-enabled spreaders and irrigators, it helps you to monitor the nutrients that continually cycle through the soil, plant and animal systems on a farm – the key to responsible farming.

SORGHUM FORAGE SQ GM (QLD Gov't): Gross margin assessment for irrigated forage sorghum production in southern Queensland. 

RYEGRASS GRAZING SQ GM (QLD Gov't): Gross margin assessment for grazing ryegrass production in southern Queensland.

HAY STORAGE COST EVALUATOR DECISION AID (Oklahoma State University):  facilitates the evaluation of alternative hay storage systems, specifically, open storage, open storage with hay covered, and hay barn storage.  

HAY PRODUCE OR PURCHASE CALCULATOR (Oklahoma State University): Livestock producers must choose whether to produce their own hay or purchase hay. This spreadsheet helps organize data so an informed decision can be made whether to purchase or produce hay.

OWN OR CUSTOM-HIRE HAY HARVESTING & HAULING (Oklahoma State University):This decision aid determines the operating and ownership costs of haying machinery and equipment and helps evaluate whether ownership is justified with respect to custom harvest operations.

STOCKING RATE CALCULATOR (Evergraze): Adds stock numbers and their DSE ratings to work out monthly stocking rates.

STOCKING RATE CALCULATOR (MLA): Based on a paddock's carrying capacity, the calculator determines the number of sheep to stock in that paddock.

GRAZING PLAN CALCULATOR (AIMS): An excel model to assist you to complete a feed budget and grazing plan.

GRAZING CALCULATOR (Louise Hathway): An app to help calculator common grazing related calculations for dairy and beef farmers.

GRAZING CYCLE CALCULATOR (Noble Foundation): calculator that totals total grazeable acres and total useable production of a forage and pasture type (uses acres and lbs/acre).

BREEDER AND BULLOCK CARRY CAPACITY (QLD Gov't): Estimates the safe carrying capacity and land use based on breeder and bullock numbers and associated sales revenue.

STOCKTAKE PLUS (FutureBeef): An app to assist monitoring grazing land condition and make calculations in the paddock.

FEED DEMAND CALCULATOR (MLA): assists in matching pasture supply with livestock demand.

BREAK OF SEASON RULES FOR FORAGE BUDGETS (FutureBeef): Assists in ensuring stocking rates leave you with enough feed and stubble.

DRY SEASON PASTURE BUDGET (FutureBeef): helps to estimate feed available for cattle in the dry season and compares to estimate cattle feed intake.

DEFERRED GRAZING CALCULATOR (WA Government): Calculates how may days it will take for a pasture to meet a particular growth rate.

STOCK ROUTE FORAGE BUDGET (QLD Gov't): Estimates the amount of pasture available and remaining following a period of stock route grazing.

ROTATIONAL GRAZING CALCULATOR (QLD Govt): tool that estimates the amount of pasture remaining following a certain period of rotational grazing.

GREEN FEED TACTICAL MANAGEMENT CALCULATOR (Evergraze): compares the economic benefit of different uses of green feed, accounting for stock on hand, available green feed, lamb prices and feed prices.

FEED BUDGET ROTATION PLANNER (EverGraze): Excel tool to assist in rotational planning, stocking rates, calculating pasture growth rate, economical rations and fertiliser rates.

SOIL CONDITION (Ag Hub): Creates clear visual displays of soil moisture and temperature data from a soil tape. Provides an estimate of field capacity (the maximum water volume that can be temporarily stored in the soil).

SOIL TESTS (Ag Hub): Displays graphs of soil test results averaged by season. Shows a trend line for the test results.

WEED IDENTIFICATION TOOL (Sainty & Associates): is an interactive weed identification tool available on the national Weeds Australia website.