AIMS agriculture: fact sheet on stocking rate, stock density & using DSE values to estimate pasture intake.

BEEF magazine: understand stocking rate vs. stocking density.

BEEF Magazine: articles and blog posts from the US on pasture health and grazing management.

DPI NSW: factsheets on pasture management.

DAFWA: range of articles on different pastures, fertilisers, and pasture management.

EverGraze: a comprehensive collection of resources to help with grazing management decisions.

EverGraze: the nuts and bolts of grazing management.

EverGraze: filling the summer/autumn feed gap.

Grazetech: tips on how to fully feed cows from pasture.

MLA More Beef from Pastures: learning module on pasture growth and pasture utilisation.

Future Beef: extensive grazing management resources, including carbon management, drought, case studies on managing for land condition, pasture budgeting, soils and stocking rates.

MLA: R&D reports, publication, resources and tools, and case studies relating to grazing and pasture management.

MLA: Information on pasture finishing stock, including nutrition and supplementation.

UW Madison: Does pasture-finished beef make the grade?

West Virginia University: Pasture Management for Pasture-finished Beef.

QLD Government: impact of pasture quality on grazing.

Queensland Government: guide to pasture management for South-East Queensland.

Arizona Cooperative Extension: Supplementation during drought.

Beef and Lamb NZ: Quick and simple feed budgeting.

Big Group: feed budgeting template.

EverGraze: information to help you make decisions on feed budgeting and management.

EverGraze: reference tables for feed budgeting.

EverGraze: Regional pasture growth rate tables and graphs for regions across Australia.

EverGraze: Regional pasture growth rates.

EverGraze: Measuring and calculating pasture growth.

Future Beef: dry season pasture budget - a guide for stocking rate.

FutureBeef: Break of season rules for forage budgets.

FutureBeef: Pasture photo-standards.

Grazetech: feed budgeting chapter. Dry Matter - what is it, how do we use it?

Lifestyle Block: introduction to feed budgeting and how to build one.

MLA: Are you feeding what your cattle need?

Pastures from Space: The value proposition for remote sensed estimates of feed on offer and pasture growth rate.

Performance Feeds: principles of pasture assessment.

NC State University: Interpreting Forage Analysis Reports for Beef Cows.

Nutrition Plus: feed budgeting technical note.

University of Arkansas: nutrient requirement tables.

ABC Rural: Higher stocking rates don't lead to higher profitability, cattle advisor warns.

ABC Rural: Grazing trial shows stark contrasts between stocking rates through drought.

AIMS: Stocking rate, stocking density and using DSE values to estimate pasture intake.

Agriculture Victoria: Sustainable carrying capacity.

Australian Brahman Breeders' Association: Stocking rates, productivity and profitability.

CSIRO: Stocking rate, calving season and post-weaning growth effects for Angus cattle on annual pasture.

EverGraze: Understanding your stocking rate and feed demand supply profile.

EverGraze: guide to understanding your stocking rate and feed supply demand profile.

FutureBeef: Dry season pasture budget – a guide for stocking rates.

FutureBeef: Don’t eat all your grass: ground cover at the break of the season is important!

FutureBeef: Link cattle numbers to grass supply.

Government of South Australia: Grazing livestock - a sustainable and productive approach.

Grasslands Society of Southern Australia: Profitability of Tasmanian beef enterprises: calving dates and stocking rates for weaner and yearling production. 

New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, Orange Agricultural Institute: Optimising stocking rate and grazing management to enhance environmental and production outcomes for native temperate grasslands.]

On Pasture: Does Management-intensive Grazing Grow More, Better Quality Forage?

RIRDC: Grazing land management module 5.

Scanlan et al: The Northern Grazing Systems Project: Estimating safe stocking rate.

Stephen Pasture Seeds: Pasture management: Stocking rate vs. Stocking density.

Tropical Grasslands: Systematic management of stocking rates improves performance of northern Australian cattle properties in a variable climate.

Troy Whitford (CSU): An historical analysis of cattle grazing practices on the flood plain of the Murrumbidgee River.

Queensland Government: Understanding carrying capacity and stocking rates in grazing systems.

WOAW: carrying capacity and production levels.

Ag Excellence Alliance: Cell Grazing System in Low Rainfall Areas.

Agbiodiversity: grazing management options.

ATTRA: Paddock design, fencing and water systems for controlled grazing.

Barossa Improved Grazing Group: Temporary electric fencing facilitates decision making for paddock subdivision.

BEEF Magazine: fixed or flexible grazing cells?

CarbonLink: Cell grazing and the 6 RCS Regenerative Grazing Management Principles.

DEPI VIC: article on managing pasture and cow performance over the hot summer period.

Desert Knowledge CRC: Cell grazing in the Pilbara.

EverGraze: Dividing up the farm for grazing management.

EverGraze: Setting up and managing grazing rotations.

Farmland LP: The advantages of cell grazing.

Forages: Four steps to rotational grazing.

FutureBeef: Pasture management for drought recovery.

Future Farm Online: Paddock subdivision allows more strategic grazing.

Grasslands NZ: TechnoGrazing, a new grazing concept.

Jim Gerrish: layout and design of grazing systems.

LanzTech Farming Solutions: technograzing™

MLA: Grazing strategies.

MLA: Tips & Tools: Getting started with simple time-based rotational grazing.

MLA: Tips & Tools: Intensive rotational grazing.

MLA: Tips & Tools: Tactical grazing to maximise pasture and animal productivity.

NT Government: cell grazing for better productivity and carbon sequestration.

Queensland Government: Grazing and stocking strategies to improve production.

South Australian Research and Development Institute: The use of technograzing to increase beef production on dryland pastures in south-eastern Australia.

Stock and Land: Cell grazing does the job.

Tropical Grasslands: Cell grazing - the first 10 years in Australia.

WeedSmart: Grazing strategies for reducing the weed seedbank


BEEF Magazine: Is pasture finishing for you?

Charles Sturt University: Economic analysis of improved perennial pasture systems.

DAFWA: articles on different pastures.

DPI NSW: cereals for grazing.

EverGraze: Legumes for temperate pastures.

EverGraze: investing in pasture improvement decision aid.

EverGraze: On-Farm Options – Feedbase and pasture species.

EverGraze: Pastures for place and purpose online EverGraze Exchange - Selecting Pastures for Place and Purpose.

EverGraze: Lucerne reduces risk, provides options for livestock and prevents salinity.

Farm Trials: Choice of forage crops for winter feed.

Future Beef: learn about pasture and forage crops for beef production. There is information on different species, as well as establishment and management.

Future Beef: Sown pastures in Queensland: their place, their role and the things to watch.

Future Beef: High-output forage systems for meeting beef markets.

Future Beef: Sown pasture rundown.

Grain and Graze: grazing cropped land.

GRDC: rules of thumb for grazing cereals.

NT Government: the value of improved pastures.

NT Government: pasture establishment.

NT Government: management of improved grasses on NT floodplains.

Pasture Improvement Initiative: decision tree for pasture renovation.

Agriculture Victoria: Phosphorous for sheep and beef pastures.

Agriculture Victoria: understanding soil acidity.

Agriculture Victoria: understanding soil tests - pastures.

ATTRA: A brief overview of nutrient cycling in pastures.

Corangamite Region 'Brown Book': What are the optimum nutrient targets for pastures?

CSIRO: Making better fertiliser decisions for grazed pastures in Australia.

DAFWA: Soil sampling and testing on a small property.

Dairy Australia: Assessing Soil nutrients - Visual symptoms of nutrient deficiencies in pastures.

Dairy Australia: Fert$mart Planning.

Dairy Australia: Productive soils.

EverGraze: On-farm options, soil and fertility management.

FutureBeef: Soil biology – what is it all about?

Government of Alberta: Nutrient Management on Intensively Managed Pastures.

More Beef From Pastures: Build and maintain soil nutrients to improve soil fertility and health in all pasture zones.

NSW DPI: Soil testing options, interpretation and checklist.

NSW DPI: Fertilisers for pastures.

Pasture Improvement Initiative: pasture improvement and healthy soils.

Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture: Nutrient budgeting in Extensive Grazing Systems.

Australian Government: weeds in Australia.

FutureBeef: weed resources.

Pasture Improvement Initiative: weed control.

QLD Government: managing weeds in grazing pastures.

FutureBeef: Publications about grazing land management, pastures and forage crops.

FutureBeef: Grazing Land Management multimedia resources.

NT Government: Pasture Publications.