MLA STATISTICS DATABASE (MLA)Access up-to-date market information and statistics to help you make more informed decisions about breeding, buying, selling and exporting stock.

CATTLE MARKETING READY RECKONER (QLD Gov't): Estimates the best marketing option for a lot of cattle based on transport and selling costs. 

EXPORT CALCULATOR (QLD Gov't): Tool to help farmers assess the costs and risks associated with exporting any product.

EVALUATING MARKETING OPTIONS (Kansas State University): Tool to assist marketing options - whether to sell at weaning or background calves past weaning.

FRAME SCORE CALCULATOR (Noble Foundation): This calculator helps producers determine the frame score of beef cattle. From frame score, mature weight as well as equivalent steer finished or slaughter weight can be estimated.

SELL-BUY CALCULATION (Beef Stock Market): The Sell-Buy calculation below is for GST registered ABN holders who by definition are in the business of cattle trading. 

GRASS FED BEEF DECISION CALCULATOR (Wallace Center): This tool is comprised of a comprehensive, interactive Excel spreadsheet that allows you to examine the costs of various beef cattle enterprises and make informed financial decisions.

SELL COWS - NOW OR LATER? (Oklahoma State University): Compares opportunities for marketing cows now or incurring additional cost to target other markets. Especially useful for use in drought situations. 

CALF RETENTION DECISION AID (Oklahoma State University): allows users to compare returns from retained ownership strategies to sale-at-weaning. 

EARLY WEANING DECISION AID (Oklahoma State University): Spreadsheet designed to compare returns from early weaning and normal weaning scenarios. 

BEEFSPECS CALCULATOR (MLA) Tool to manage cattle to meet weight and fat specifications. The calculator assists cattle producers in making more accurate management decisions that could increase carcase compliance rates for fatness and weight targets specific to various beef markets.

CONVERTING LIVEWEIGHT PRICES (Vic Gov't): Assist producers to convert liveweight prices to 'cents per kg hot standard carcase weight' equivalent.

MEAT YIELDS AND COSTINGS CALCULATOR (Beef and Lamb UK): An interactive spreadsheet to give you a guide to likely yields of beef and lamb primals. You can enter your own carcase weights, wholesale cost and retail prices to help you achieve target gross margins.


CATTLE TRANSPORT COSTS (NSW Gov't): A calculator to display costs using live or dressed weight animals.

CATTLE SALES RECORD (Oklahoma State University): Spreadsheet that documents the sale or transfer of cattle between production activities. The reports provide a summary by cattle category with associated pay-weight and price per hundredweight.