BEEF magazine: regular articles and blog posts on cattle health matters from the US.

BMP Grazing: a guide to self assessment of cattle health and welfare.

DAFWA: access livestock health and disease, parasites and biosecurity information.

Future Beef: a page of information on vaccines and vaccination programs, diagnosing disease and deficiencies, diseases of cattle, feed-related poisoning, and nutritional deficiencies. 

MLA More Beef from Pastures: link to learning modules on disease prevention, vaccinations, biosecurity strategies and welfare management.

NT Government: information on health and husbandry issues (heat stress to freeze branding) and diseases in cattle (trichomoniasis to vibriosis).

Agriculture Victoria: Biosecurity - A practical Approach for Beef Herds.

Animal Health Australia: introductory information on the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS).

DPI NSW: Biosecurity for organic livestock producers.

Farm Biosecurity: download a range of animal health statements, which provide information about the animal health status about your flock.

Farm Biosecurity: access the "Biosecurity Toolkit", which includes a number of disease fact-sheets, an emergency disease action plan, vehicle and staff risk assessment, and a farm biosecurity sign.

Farm Biosecurity: National Farm Biosecurity Reference Manual – Grazing Livestock Production.

Farm Biosecurity: National Cattle Health Statement to use when buying and purchasing stock.

Livestock Biosecurity Network: developing an on-farm biosecurity plan for your livestock grazing enterprise guide.

Livestock Biosecurity Network: links to state and national lists of notifiable diseases.

National Livestock Identification System: learn about the NLIS, vendor declaration, tagging livestock, and tag accreditation.

BEEF Magazine: preventing pasture bloat.

BEEF Magazine: Salt Can Prevent And Treat Grass Tetany.

Chincilla Vet: methods of controlling bloat.

DAFWA: Grass tetany in beef cattle: prevention and treatment.

Flock and Herd: Bloat in cattle on grazing oats and wheaten hay case notes.

Merck Veterinary Manual: Hypomagnesemic Tetany in Cattle and Sheep.

NSW DPI: factsheet on bloat in cattle and sheep. 

Purdue University: Spring pastures - Grass Tetany and Bloat.

The Cattle Site: information on bloat, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

University of Florida: information on grass tetany, contributing factors, symptoms, treatment and prevention.

University of Kentucky: Managing Legume-Induced Bloat in Cattle.

Vet Services Wairarapa: Bloat in cattle - causes, emergency treatment and prevention.


Agriculture Victoria: clostridial diseases in livestock.

DAF QLD: an A-Z list of significant diseases and information on biosecurity and disease control.

DEPI VIC: information on Bovine Johnes disease, mad cow disease, foot and mouth disease and pink-eye in cattle.

DEPI VIC: easy to access information on cattle animal diseases, from annual ryegrass toxicity to ostertagia in cattle.

DPIPWE Tas: causes, signs, treatment and prevention information on a range of cattle diseases and biosecurity issues. 

Livestock Biosecurity Network: detailed advice on a range of pests and diseases.

Merck Vet Manual: vet manual with authoritative guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of animal disorders and diseases. 

NSW DPI: a range of cattle health and disease factsheets, from black leg to wooden tongue.

The Cattle Site: cattle disease guide, categorised by respiratory, reproductive, metabolic, youngstock, highly contagious, skin, eyes and feet, enteric, udder, and neurological diseases. 


BEEF Magazine: managing parasite issues.

BEEF Magazine: To Control Parasites In Cattle, It Pays To Think Like A Worm.

Cattle Today: external parasites.

Cattle Today: internal parasites.

ChemVet Australia: What to Drench? When to Drench? Which Drench?

COWS: Control of Worms Sustainably.

Elders: taking the sting out of parasites.

eXtension: internal parasites in beef and dairy cattle.

Livestock Biosecurity Network: detailed advice on a range of pests and diseases.

Farmers Academy: flukes and worms.

FarmStyle: Organic treatments for parasites.

FarmStyle: Controlling roundworm in cattle.

NSW DPI: drench worm program for cattle.

NSW DPI: cattle worm control - the basics.

MLA: research report on in vitro culture of buffalo fly and infections with Wolbachia.

Morris Veterinary Centre: bovine parasites.

Purdue University: control of cattle pests.

University of Florida: publications on a range of cattle pest insects, including External Parasites on Beef CattleHorn Fly Management and Self-Treatment Methods for Livestock—Backrubbers.

Victorian Farmers Federation: internal parasites in cattle factsheet.

Beef Central: details about key vaccines used in Queensland beef herds.

Merck Veterinary Manual: when to vaccinate.

Drought Master National: myths and conceptions relating to vaccination of cattle and recommended vaccination programme for Beef Cattle in the South East Qld Region.  

DPI NSW: factsheet on beef cattle vaccines.

Elders: advice on the use of vaccines.

Livestock Central: technical note explaining what vaccinations are and how to control diseases in cattle.

MLA: vaccination considerations.

National Farmers Warehouse: cattle vaccination chart gives herd health programs to prevent the major diseases of grazing beef herds and dairy herds in eastern Australia.




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