AUSFARM (Horizon Agriculture): Software system that allows you to configure different simulations depending on different models of your farming operation.

BEEF PERFORMANCE KPI (Beef and Lamb UK): Calculator developed to help producers collect key measurements and identify strengths and weaknesses in herd performance.

BEEF COW SHARE AGREEMENT CALCULATOR (Iowa State): Decision tool to estimate costs and returns for each party in a beef cow share agreement.

BREEDERS & BULLOCKS (QLD Gov't): A financial tool that can be used to project the amount of land required to house new born bulls with current stock. The tool also provides an estimated market revenue from sales.

BRICK (FutureBeef): The Beef Rough Indicator and Calculator of Key Performance Indicators (BRICK) is a business analysis spreadsheet that aims to assess the productivity and profitability of extensive grazing enterprises.

COW HERD SYSTEM BUDGET (University of Nebraska Lincoln): budgeting worksheet designed for medium to small sized operators. It includes spreadsheets for analysing the components of a beef production system separately, but provides a combined analysis as well.

COW-CALF MANAGER (Livestock Managers Software): Complete cattle record keeping system full of advanced features and sophisticated reports.

PARTIAL BUDGETING TOOL (Utah State University): Simple calculator to see the net effect of a proposed changes on your business.

ECONOMIC ANALYSIS TOOL (Vic Gov't): The Wimmera Mallee Intensive Livestock Economic Analysis Tool analyses the profitability of potential investments in lamb finishing, cattle feed lotting, pig production and poultry production.

COMPUTING A LIVESTOCK BUILDING RETURN (Iowa State): Decision tool to estimate a livestock building rental rate.

COW-CALF BUDGET (Texax A&M): facilitate the organization production and economic date to budget of the cow-calf enterprise and beef cow herd.

HERD BUDGETING SOFTWARE (Breedcow and Dynama Software): Software package is designed to plan, evaluate and improve the profitability and financial management of extensive beef cattle enterprises.

NET WORTH STATEMENT (Iowa State): Decision tool to make a simple net worth statement.

FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE MEASURES (Iowa State): Calculate a range of financial performance measures for your farm that can be compared to industry standards.

COMPREHENSIVE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS (Iowa State): Build a comprehensive set of financial statements including the beginning and ending net worth statements, the income statement, the cash-flow statement, the statement of owner equity, and the financial performance measures.

DIVIDING BUSINESS INCOME (Iowa State): Decision tool to assist in how to divide income between different parties.

BEEF GROSS MARGINS (NSW DPI): Examples of Gross Margin Budgets for a range of different beef enterprise.

CATTLE GROSS MARGIN TEMPLATE (QLD Gov't): A template for calculating the difference between revenue and cost for beef production in Queensland.

COST OF PRODUCTION CALCULATOR (MLA): Assists in understanding the outlay required to produced each kilogram of meat for beef.

CASHFLOW BUDGET (Iowa State): Decision tool to make a simple cash flow projection over 12 periods.

FARM FORMS (NSW DPI): A number of gross margin budget templates, including beef breeding, beef trading and feedlotting.

GM BUDGET TEMPLATE (NSW DPI): Spreadsheet to assist in record keeping and budgeting requirements.

GROSS MARGIN ANALYSIS SPREADSHEETS (DPIPWE Tas): Livestock GM spreadsheets for high and low rainfall areas.

LIVESTOCK CASHFLOW BUDGET (Iowa State): Spreadsheet to calculate a detailed cash-flow budget for your farm.

LIVESTOCK SCHEDULE (QLD Gov't): Tool to estimate profit on cattle accounts. 

RAISED BREEDING COW RECORD AND DEPRECIATION CALCULATOR (Agrilife): is provided to facilitate maintenance of data for implementation of management accounting.


LIVESTOCK SCHEDULE (QRAA): assists Beef and Sheep producers forecast livestock movements for the current and next financial year, and also on a Year In Year Out basis to show what your property is capable of sustaining, given ‘normal circumstances’.

FARM BIOSECURITY RECORDS (Farm Biosecurity): some templates for records to help you assess the biosecurity risks on your farm and start to minimise them.

MANAGEMENT REPORTS (AG HUB): Provides flexible report development tools to quickly customise best practice reporting templates to your business.

MONTHLY CATTLE INVENTORY (Oklahoma State University): Provides monthly and annual summary of inventory changes for your breeding herd. 

RECORD KEEPING (MLA): Record keeping templates will assist you in keeping the records and maintaining the standards required of the LPA program.

THE RED BOOK (NCBA): A number of spreadsheets to assist in recording, including a gestation table, cow and bull inventory, pasture usage, calf information, BCS record, calving health record, marketing data, and more!


MIXED FARMING ENTERPRISE ECONOMIC ANALYSIS TOOL (MEEAT) (QLD Gov't): Estimate whole-farm profit for a mixed enterprise incorporating cattle, sheep, and cropping. 

AMORTISED LOAN CALCULATOR (QLD Gov't): Calculate repayments on a bank loan and consider sensitivity to interest rates.

ANNUAL LOAN REPAYMENT EQUIVALENTS (QLD Gov't): Compare loan repayments made at different intervals (annual, bi-annual, quarterly, monthly, fortnightly, weekly and daily). 

DRYSTOCK MODULE (AgHUB): The Ag Hub Drystock module automatically records and reports animal weights, while making it easy to create, track and manage herd groups.

EQUITY CALCULATOR (QLD Gov't): Enter your assets and liabilities to calculate your farm equity. 

FINANCIAL CASHFLOW BUDGET (QLD Gov't): Calculate your monthly and 10-year cashflow, taking into account revenue, loans and other expenditure. 

FINANCIAL OPTIONS FOR PLANT PURCHASES (QLD Gov't): Assess various options for purchasing machinery, including lease, hire purchase, bank loan or cash. 

GENERAL FARM ACCOUNTING PACK (QLD Gov't): Use this accounting pack for sheep and beef producers to calculate livestock profit, annual net profit and loss, and other financial indicators.

GENERAL FARM BUDGET TEMPLATE (QLD Gov't): Compare actual expenditure on your farm to budget forecasts. 

INTEREST CALCULATOR (QLD Gov't): Calculate the effective interest rates on bank bills and term loans of various amounts, including establishment and administration fees. 

LEASE CALCULATOR (QLD Gov't): Calculate effective interest rates and a principal repayment schedule on lease agreements up to 5 years. 

GRASS FED BEEF DECISION CALCULATOR (Wallace Center): This tool is comprised of a comprehensive, interactive Excel spreadsheet that allows you to examine the costs of various beef cattle enterprises and make informed financial decisions.

CATTLE INVENTORY (Oklahoma State University): record beginning and ending inventories for various cattle and horse categories.  The summary provides balance sheet values necessary in the development of the operation’s financial statements. 

COW/CALF LEASE ARRANGEMENT (Oklahoma State University): This Excel spreadsheet assists in valuing contributions and evaluating alternative share arrangements.

LABOUR AND MANAGEMENT COST CALCULATOR (Oklahoma State University): This decision aid is designed to organize data necessary to measure the full cost of hired labour and management. 

COW BID PRICE ESTIMATE CALCULATOR (Oklahoma State University): Users enter purchase price for cow or cow/calf pair plus information on future calf prices/weights, cull cow price/weight, number of calving opportunities, cow operating cost per year, financing requirements to estimate net present value and the rate of return on investment. 

COW REPURCHASE DECISION TOOL (Oklahoma State University): Spreadsheet tool to estimate cost saved and interest earned on sale proceeds between liquidation and repurchase date.

HAY STORAGE COST EVALUATOR DECISION AID (Oklahoma State University):  facilitates the evaluation of alternative hay storage systems, specifically, open storage, open storage with hay covered, and hay barn storage.  

HAY PRODUCE OR PURCHASE CALCULATOR (Oklahoma State University): Livestock producers must choose whether to produce their own hay or purchase hay. This spreadsheet helps organize data so an informed decision can be made whether to purchase or produce hay.

OWN OR CUSTOM-HIRE HAY HARVESTING & HAULING (Oklahoma State University):This decision aid determines the operating and ownership costs of haying machinery and equipment and helps evaluate whether ownership is justified with respect to custom harvest operations.