Agriculture Victoria: Feeding Options for Beef Cattle.

Auburn University: beef cattle nutrition and feeding of the breeding herd, calves, heifers and bulls.

BEEF magazine: articles from the US on cattle feeding systems, feed and supplements.

Beef Central: nutrient requirements of beef cattle.

DAFWA: a number of articles on feeding and nutrition, including supplementary feeding, using grazing crops, and nutrition deficiencies.

DPI NSW: a range of nutrition-related resources, from assessing stock feed additives, management of full hand feeding, making your own protein blocks and a successful silage manual.

DPI NSW: The Economic Effects of Alternate Growth Path and Breed Type Combinations to Meet Beef Market Specifications across Southern Australia.

DEPI VIC: introductory information on beef nutrition, lot feeding, and value of different feeds.

DEPI VIC: understand how to assess cattle for muscle shape, fat shape and learn how to condition score.

JMG: to weigh or not: linking profits, nutrition and pasture condition.

Kansas State University: Questions and Answers on Beef Cattle Nutrition.

Merck Veterinary Manual: Feeding and Nutritional Management of Beef Cattle.

MLA: a range of R&D reports, publications and resources relating to feeding, finishing and nutrition.

MLA: report estimates metabolisable energy (ME) and protein requirements, and the relationship between intake and digestibility, for inclusion in a revised version of the northern beef training package, Nutrition EDGE.

Natural Resources South Australia: guide to feeding beef cattle. Includes opportunity lotfeeding and drought management information.

NT Government: cattle and land management best practices in the Katherine region 2009 - cattle three: Cattle Nutrition.

University of Arkansas: Beef Cattle Nutrition Series - Establishing Nutritional Requirements. 

University of Florida: publications on a range of cattle nutrition topics, including Strategies for Cost-Effective Supplementation of Beef CattleUnderstanding the Effects of Forage Composition and Structure in Ruminant Nutrition and Nutritional Management of Bulls.

AgriLife Extension: Bull management for cow/calf producers.

AgResearch Ruakura: Managing Weaner Bulls.

Angus Beef Bulletin: Bull power - here's how to avoid a power outage during breeding season.

BEEF Magazine: Bull nutrition impacts semen production.

Cattle Today Online: Meeting a young bull's nutritional needs is a challenge.

eXtension: Managing Newly Purchased Yearling Bulls.

Feeding and Feedstuffs: Bulls need year-round nutrition.

Ohio State University: Bull nutrition and management - growing out young bulls.

South Dakota Extension Service: bull nutrition.

The Brahman Journal: managing the mineral program for breeding bulls.

University of Florida extension: Nutritional Management of Bulls.

Agriculture Victoria: Drought Feeding and Management of Beef Cattle: A guide for farmers and land managers.

Beef + Lamb NZ: Dry Management Toolkit.

Beef Central: Declarations essential for feedstuffs when drought feeding. 

Future Beef: Drought management: Important strategies to consider.

DAF QLD: Developing a drought management strategy for beef cattle.

Livestock Nutrition: Tips for Dry Lotfeeding beef cattle.

Mississippi State Extension Service: Mississippi Beef Cattle Producer Quick Reference for Dealing with Drought.

Montana State University: Drought Strategies for Beef Producers
Part II: Supplementing Cattle on Drought-Affected Pastures and Ranges.

Montana State University: Beef Cattle Feed Management During a Drought.

North Dakota State University: Supplementing Cattle on Drought-affected Pastures and Ranges.

North Dakota State University: Feeding Straw - Straw is a good alternative in rations for cows and sheep if properly supplemented with higher quality feedstuffs.

Oklahoma State University: Drought stressed soybean supplementation for beef cows.

Purdue University: Drought has potential three-year 'tail' on beef production.

Quirindi Veterinary Clinic: Health and Welfare Problems in Beef Herds in a Drought.

Texas Agricultural Extension Service: Drought Feeding Management.

UMN: Alternative Feeding Programs and Feeds for Drought Stressed Beef Cow Herd. 

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Have a Drought Management Plan for Your Cow/Calf Enterprise.

Western Beef Resource Committee: Nutritional Requirement of the Beef Cow During Drought.

Arizona Cooperative Extension: Supplementation during drought.

Beef and Lamb NZ: Quick and simple feed budgeting.

Big Group: feed budgeting template.

EverGraze: information to help you make decisions on feed budgeting and management.

EverGraze: reference tables for feed budgeting.

EverGraze: Regional pasture growth rate tables and graphs for regions across Australia.

Future Beef: dry season pasture budget - a guide for stocking rate.

Grazetech: feed budgeting chapter. Dry Matter - what is it, how do we use it?

Lifestyle Block: introduction to feed budgeting and how to build one.

MLA: Are you feeding what your cattle need?

Pastures from Space: The value proposition for remote sensed estimates of feed on offer and pasture growth rate.

Performance Feeds: principles of pasture assessment.

NC State University: Interpreting Forage Analysis Reports for Beef Cows.

Nutrition Plus: feed budgeting technical note.

University of Arkansas: nutrient requirement tables.

Agriculture Victoria: introduction to beef feedlotting.

Drovers Cattle Network: Formula advice for dry lot feeding cattle.

EBLEX Beef: Feeding growing and finishing cattle for Better Returns.

MLA: information on lotfeeding and intensive finishing, including backgrounding, induction and waste management.

NT Government: learn about guidelines for feedlot operations, feeding commercial cattle in South East Asia and the Philippines, nitrogen nutrition, silage, and supplementary feeding.

Riverina Australia: Notes on Feedlotting Cattle.

University of Minnesota Extension: Recommendations on Nutrition and Management of Incoming Feedlot Cattle.

BEEF Magazine: Is pasture finishing for you?

Charles Sturt University: Economic analysis of improved perennial pasture systems.

EverGraze: filling the summer/autumn feed gap.

Grazetech: tips on how to fully feed cows from pasture.

MLA: Information on pasture finishing stock, including nutrition and supplementation.

Performance Feeds: principles of pasture assessment.

UW Madison: Does pasture-finished beef make the grade?

West Virginia University: Pasture Management for Pasture-finished Beef.

QLD Government: impact of pasture quality on grazing.

Agriculture Victoria: Hints on feeding.

Australian Brahman Breeders' Association Limited: Supplements for beef cattle.

Beef Central: planning and managing a supplementary feeding program.

Cattle Facts: principles of urea supplementation in rangeland cattle.

Coopers Animal Health: successful supplementary feeding of grazing animals in Australia.

Future Beef: understand how to plan and manage a supplementary feeding program.

Livestock Library: research paper on supplementary feeding of beef cattle (Hereford and Brahman cross).

LNT: nutritional requirements of livestock and wet and dry season supplementation.

RaynerAg: some tips for feeding white cottonseed to your cows.

MLA: Introduction to supplementary feeding.

New Mexico State University: supplemental feeding of range cattle.

NSW DPI: Supplementary feeding of cattle.

NT Government: technical note on water medication supplementation systems.

NT Government: supplementary feeding and nutrition of grazing livestock in the Northern Territory.

The Beef Site: feeding sileage to beef cattle.

The Cattle Site: information on supplementary feeding of cattle.

Virginia Cooperative Extension: Creep feeding of beef calves.


Alberta Agriculture and Forestry: managing yearlings on pasture.

Cattle Facts: weaner management and feeding.

D.B. Savage: Nutritional management of heifers in northern Australia.

Future Beef: weaner supplements.

Future Beef: weaner management in northern beef herds.

Hutton Oddy: How Growth Affects Carcase and Meat Quality Attributes.

Iowa Beef Center: Nutritional Management of the Calf after Weaning.

Kansas State University: Stocker Cattle Management and Nutrition.

Matthew Bolam: weaner cattle nutrition and growth.

MLA More Beef From Pastures: weaner throughput.

Nelson Road Veterinary Clinic: Managing Yearling Cattle.

Ontario Government: Feeding and Managing Replacement Beef Heifers.

The Cattle Site: Bull nutrition - achieving early breeding.