Beef Cow BCS

What: The Crystalyx Beef Cow Body Condition Score (BCS) tracks and organises body score for your cattle herd. Easily take a photo, compare to the reference images, add an ear tag number, pasture name and save for future comparison.

Key functions:

  • Track and organise body score of your herd
  • Compare your photo with reference photos
  • Two options allow you to track and organise body condition scores.

Location: American
Platform: iPhone, iPod, iPod touch
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: No
Where do I get it?  Crystalyx           iTunes
Reviews: No current reviews

Coopers Animal Health

What: The Coopers Animal Health app provides users with information on all Coopers’ leading animal health solutions. The app includes a Solution Finder to help you determine the most suitable solution for any animal health problem.

Key functions:

  • Product Information- detailed product information for all Coopers Animal Health products (up to date labels and MSDS documents)
  • Coopers Animal Health Solution Finder- Locate products to treat single or multiple pests with the step by step tool providing the optimum solution for your animal health problems
  • Technical Library- contains labels, MSDS and other supporting documents

Location: Australia
Platform: iphone, ipad, ipod, android
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: No
Where do I get it? iTunes    GooglePlay
Reviews: No reviews

Drought Feed Calculator

What: Developed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries, the drought feed calculator allows farmers to easily and quickly determine the minimum feed requirements for a range of animals with different nutritional needs. Make informed decisions and save money by calculating; Amount of feed per head, Cost per head, Cost for a period, Amount for a mob and Total cost for a mob.

Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), android
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it? NSW Dept. Primary Industries      iTunes     GooglePlay

NADIS - Animal Health Skills

What: The NADIS-Animal Health Skills is a UK based app providing comprehensive livestock health resources, helping to improve profits. Choose the type of animal, search for a disease affecting them and find out more. Clinical pictures and videos are included.

Key functions:

  • Comprehensive livestock health resource, helping to improve profits with better animal health.
  • For Farmers and vets
  • Check out clinical signs, causes, treatment, prevention and control.
  • NADIS Forecast and Monthly disease alert.

Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), android
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: No
Where do I get it? Nadis         iTunes           GooglePlay
Reviews: GooglePlay

Merck Herd Health Manager C/C

What: The Merck Herd Health Manager app is designed to connect vets with beef producers, working together to achieve a healthy herd. Vaccination and treatment information at pre breeding, preg testing, birth, branding and weaning can be provided creating a health history that may be beneficial at sale time.

Key functions:

  • Vets and beef producers can work together to achieve an overall health herd.
  • Detailed health records and identification of products.
  • Record keeping of vaccinations vets suggest and documents the completion of vaccination and/ or treatment protocols

Location: America
Platform: iOS (iPad)
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it?  Merck Herd Health Manager     iTunes
Reviews: No current reviews

NUBeef- Body Condition Scoring

What: The NUBeef-BCS app is developed for beef condition scoring(BCS), assisting producers in managing nutrition programs for cattle. Use the 9 point scoring system to describe relative fatness of a cow.

Key functions:

  • Manage nutrition programs for beef cattle with an easy 9 point score system.
  • Guide to assist users how to condition score their herd.
  • Take a photo or photos and record to the app, matching to the animals ID.
  • Use the cows tracing number to objectively describe the condition/ fat reserve of an animal.

Location: America
Platform: iPhone, iPad, ipod touch, android
Cost: iTunes $1.49     I     GooglePlay $1.27
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it?  iTunes     GooglePlay
Reviews: No current reviews

Veterinary Handbook for Cattle, Sheep and Goats

What: The Veterinary Handbook for cattle, sheep and goat’s app is a comprehensive resource for vets, animal health professionals, livestock producers, livestock handlers and students. The app provides information on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and associated syndromes of diseases in livestock. Whether in the field or the office, filter the search by species, disease or syndrome to have quick comprehensive animal health information in hand.

Key functions:

  • Cause, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and conditions in sheep, goats, dairy and beef cattle
  • Process of disease recognition and investigation (detect, investigate and necropsy)
  • Management of feed and water during sea transportation and potential health and welfare problems
  • Management of sick and injured livestock and safe and effective euthanasia
  • Best practice information and standardised approaches

Location: Australia
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, android
Cost: $1.99 iTunes     I     $2.99 GooglePlay
Available offline/without reception: 
Where do I get it?   LiveCorp    GooglePlay     iTunes
Reviews: GooglePlay       iTunes