Cattle Council of Australia: A national guide to describing and managing beef cattle in low body condition.

Future Beef: information on drought services and assistance available.

DAF QLD: developing a drought management strategy for cattle.

Queensland Government: guide for welfare for drought-affected livestock, including managing risk when transporting.

MLA: information on drought management, assistance, and links to a number of drought preparedness tools.

PIRSA: Animal welfare guidelines for animals in poor condition.

North Carolina State University: Coping with Drought: Evaluating the Economics of Livestock Producers’ Options.  

South Dakota University Cooperative Extension Service: Economics of Managing a Livestock Enterprise During Drought. 

West Virginia University Extension Service: Beef Cattle Management Strategies During a Drought.

Wyoming Extension: Considerations for Preparing a Drought Management Plan for Livestock Producers.


Agriculture Victoria: Drought Feeding and Management of Beef Cattle: A guide for farmers and land managers.

AgSolutions: results of trials performed on the utilisation of dry feed: MegaMin vs. Urea.

Beef + Lamb NZ: Dry Management Toolkit.

Beef Central: Declarations essential for feedstuffs when drought feeding. 

DEPI VIC: a guide for drought feeding and management of beef cattle.

Future Beef: Drought management: Important strategies to consider.

DAF QLD: Developing a drought management strategy for beef cattle.

Livestock Nutrition: Tips for Dry Lotfeeding beef cattle.

Local Land Services: Opportunity and Drought Feedlots Making it Work. 

MLA: Making decisions for drought feeding.

Mississippi State Extension Service: Mississippi Beef Cattle Producer Quick Reference for Dealing with Drought.

Montana State University: Drought Strategies for Beef Producers
Part II: Supplementing Cattle on Drought-Affected Pastures and Ranges.

Montana State University: Beef Cattle Feed Management During a Drought.

NSW DPI: Processing grains for cattle in drought.

PIRSA: Feeding beef cattle - includes opportunity lotfeeding and drought management.

Oklahoma State University: Drought stressed soybean supplementation for beef cows.

Purdue University: Drought has potential three-year 'tail' on beef production.

Quirindi Veterinary Clinic: Health and Welfare Problems in Beef Herds in a Drought.

Texas Agricultural Extension Service: Drought Feeding Management.

UMN: Alternative Feeding Programs and Feeds for Drought Stressed Beef Cow Herd. 

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Have a Drought Management Plan for Your Cow/Calf Enterprise.

Western Beef Resource Committee: Nutritional Requirement of the Beef Cow During Drought.