Agriculture Victoria: Livestock Farm Monitor Project Report 2014/15.

Agriculture Victoria: information on distribution and marketing.

Agriculture Victoria: introduction to whole farm planning.

Agriculture Victoria: article on improved decision making.

Australian Government: Australian beef - financial performance of beet cattle producing farms, 2011-12 to 2013-14.

Ag Web: Six Factors Affecting Beef Profit.

Australian Taxation Office: valuing livestock.

Beef Improvement NZ: Cost benefit analysis of performance recording commercial beef herds.

Beef Magazine: Profit Per Cow, Or Per Acre?

Bush Agribusiness: The Efficiency of Beef Production

Colorado State University: Your Important Papers: What, Why, and How Long to Keep.

Colorado State University: Living on an Irregular Income.

DAFWA: Business improvement toolbox.

MLA More Beef from Pastures: learning module on setting directions for your beef enterprise.

Future Beef: business management resources aimed at improving your bottom line.

Future Beef: Beef business performance observation.

Future Beef: Age of turnoff economics in Northern Australia

Future Beef: Stocking rate economics.

DPI NSW: financial considerations of feeding cattle in drought.

DPIF QLD: The economics of beef in Central Queensland GROSS MARGINS AND PRODUCTION NOTES.

MLA: business management publications, resources and tools and case studies.

MLA: Attracting and retaining staff in the northern beef industry.

MLA: Attracting and retaining staff in the southern beef, sheepmeat and pastoral wool industries.

MLA: Pastoral Profit webinars (see below).

NT Government: downloadable chapters on cattle and land management best practices for the Top End.

IA State: Understanding and managing costs in beef-cow herds.

IA State: Reinvesting profits from the beef operation.

Virginia Cooperative Extension: Beef Cow Size, Efficiency and Profit.


Agriculture Victoria: Beef gross margin templates.

Colorado State University: Break-Even Method of Investment Analysis.

Colorado State University: Partial Budget Form.

GRDC: Farm Gross Margin and enterprise planning guide.

MLA: Cost of production beef, lamb and goat.

Agriculture Victoria: access to various acts, regulations and codes of practice relating to animal welfare in Victoria.

WorkcoverWorking together to improve safety in the sheep and beef cattle farming industry.

DAF QLD: Cattle feedlot planning

University of Kentucky: Cattle handling facilities: Planning, Components, and Layouts.

Livestock Biosecurity Network: On-farm biosecurity plan.

M&M Stockyards: Designs and Plans of Cattle Yards.

Norton Gates: Cattleyard plans.

Mississippi University: building and construction plans.

DPI NSW: Record keeping and management planning.

DPI NSW: factsheets on record keeping, managements planning and handling GST on sales.

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