Australian Brahman Breeders' Association Limited: Cost effective strategies for improved fertility in extensive and semi-extensive management conditions in Northern Australia.

Agriculture Proud: Top 10 reasons for reproductive failure in cows and bulls.

BEEF: 13 things to consider to holistically manage your cowherd.

MLA: a range of R&D reports, publications, resources and tools, and case studies on genetics and breeding.

NADIS: Beef Herd Fertility. Part 1 – Beef Herd Fertility Targets and Benchmarking.

Beef + Lamb NZ: Using estimated breeding values in the beef industry.

DPI NSW: introductory factsheet on different breeding systems, straight breeding, crossbreeding, and rotational crosses.

DPI NSW: developing an effective breeding strategy.

DPI NSW: how to use EBVs and Index values in breeding.

DPI NSW: using EBVs to assist with calving ease.

DPI NSW: introduction to carcase EBVs.

DPI NSW: how BreedPlan compares cattle across different environments.

DPI NSW: understanding mature cow weight EBVs.

DPI NSW: how to read a BreedPlan catalogue.

Farmer's Weekly: why breeding objectives?

Future Beef: extensive information on genetic improvement, bulls and bull management, breeder and heifer management, crossbreeding and links to publications and further information.

Future Beef: establishing breeding objectives.

Greenup: designing breeding programs to improve profit.

More Beef From Pastures: Implement a female culling and replacement policy to maintain best herd structure.

More Beef From Pastures: Implement sound culling, management and marketing policies to complement the genetic improvement program.

NT Government: chapter on cattle breeding, including topics on breed maturity, crossbreeding and mating systems.

University of Florida: Developing A Controlled, Seasonal Breeding Program – Cattle.

University of New England: lecture on different structures of breeding programs.

Agriculture Victoria: introduction to beef breeds.

AUSTREX: information on tropical breeds, temperate European, and temperate British breeds.

DPI NSW: simple factsheet explaining different breed options.

Grassfed Solutions: How to find the perfect beef cattle breed for your farm.

More Beef From Pastures: Select the most profitable breed or crossbreeding system to achieve genetic progress.

The Australian: Know your beef: cattle breeds that make the cut.

The Beef Site: information on pedigree beef breeds.

Agriculture Victoria: ideas on how to manage breeding cows, including time of calving, nutrition and condition score.

DPI NSW: factsheet on cow muscularity and maternal productivity.

DPI NSW: overview of economic advantages of better management on your beef breeding herd.

Merck Veterinary Manual: Introduction to reproduction, pregnancy testing and breeding soundness.

Merck Veterinary Manual: nutrition and body condition scoring of breeders.

UNL Beef: information on calculation of calving percentage.

UNL Beef: using progesterone to induce estrous.

UNL Beef: learning modules on using condition scoring in cow management.

Agriculture Victoria: general information on soundness of bulls for breeding and how to examine for correctness.

Agriculture VIctoria: overview of management of bulls at mating, including condition score, nutrition, worms and breeding soundness.

Agriculture Victoria: understand the importance of the soundness of bull testicles during mating.

Beef + Lamb NZ: Using estimated breeding values in the beef industry.

BEEF Magazine: Buying A New Herd Bull? Do These 4 Steps First.

BEEF Magazine: A Bull Purchase Is More Than Just Buying Genetics.

BEEF Magazine: Cut Through The Clutter When Analyzing EPDs.

DPI NSW: introduction to the importance of the bulls sheath.

DPI NSW: importance of bull health in your breeding program.

DPI NSW: how to check bull soundness.

DPI NSW: information on using yearling bulls. 

DPI NSW: using BreedPlan to buy bulls.

EBLEX Beef: Choosing bulls to breed for better returns.

Future Beef: guide to bull selection and buying better bulls and bull buying checklist.

Future Beef: improving fertility traits.

More Beef From Pastures: Buy the right bulls (or semen) to maximise progress toward enterprise profit (the breeding objective) and avoid inbreeding.

More Beef From Pastures: Modify trait emphasis in line with individual herd requirements.

Shorthorn Beef: Bending the growth curve.

University of New England: a guide to understanding sales catalogues and "cutting through the bull". 

University of New England: British Blue Breedplan, understanding the EBVs, Indices and accuracy.

AgManager: Leasing Arrangements for Cattle.

Beef Magazine: the economics of bull leasing.

Cattle Network: Checklist of issues to consider for your bull lease.

Colorado State University: Leasing Arrangements For Cattle.

Farm Style: Cattle management: Bull options for small beef herds.

Rincker Law: Some Thoughts on Bull Leases.

University of Arkansas: Bull Leasing Contracts.

Beef2Live: Bull Management in Multi-sire Pastures.

College of Veterinary Medicine University of Missouri: Bull Management for optimal reproductive performance.

Cooperative Extension Service: Bull Power: Examination of Beef Cattle Bulls for Breeding Soundness. 

Farmer's Weekly: The high cost of poor bull management.

Future Beef: Annual bull management checklist.

Hereford: Managing Bulls for Optimum Production.

Holbrook Veterinary Centre: Bull management is risk management.

Merck Veterinary Manual: Bull reproductive management.

Michigan State University Extension: Breeding soundness exams should be part of your bull management plan.

NC State Cooperative Extension: Bull Management: After the Breeding Season.

The Cattle Site: Pre-breeding season bull management tips.

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation: Take Steps to Solve Bull Management Problems.

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation: Get Bull Management Problems Under Control.

UGA Extension: Herd bull management: pre-breeding period.

University of Illinois Extension: Bull management before the breeding season, in the breeding season and post-breeding season.

University of Tennessee Extension: Yearling bull management.

University of Wisconsin Center: Beef bull management refresher.

University of Wisconsin Center: Management of Yearling Bulls.

Virginia Cooperative Extension: The Cow-Calf Manager: Bull Management Essential for a Successful Breeding Season.

Quirindi Veterinary Clinic: Bull management.

Alberta Government: Stages of labor | Correction of dystocia | Assisting the birth of a large calf | Important principles of helping at a difficult calving | Care of the calf | Care of the cow |Retained placenta.

Colorado State University: Abnormal Calving - Pulling the Calf.

UNL Beef: Signs of impending calving.

Merck Veterinary Manual: information on calf management, from castration to weaning.

Millah Murrah: Understanding BreedPlan calving ease. 

Mississippi State University Extension Service: Providing Assistance at Calving.

More Beef From Pastures: Control the mating period to maintain selected annual calving dates.

More Beef From Pastures: Maximise the number of live calves per breeding female.

More Beef From Pastures: Wean as early as possible, without compromising overall calf growth rate.

MSU Extension: Calving First Calf Heifers.

Shorthorn Beef: Managing heifers for calving ease.

Australian Wagyu Association: Breeding Crossbred Commercial Wagyu.

BEEF Magazine: use of Crossbred and Composite Bulls is catching on.

DPI NSW: introduction to crossbreeding and presentation of research results.

DPI NSW: introduction to multibreed EBVs.

Iowa Beef Center: The genetic principles of crossbreeding.

Penn State: Crossbreeding is a good idea.

NBCEC: Crossbreeding for commercial beef production.

SBTS: Tools of the Trade - Cross Breeding.

University of Kentucky: Crossbreeding for the commercial beef producer.

University of Minnesota: Crossbreeding systems for beef cattle.


Agriculture Victoria: introduction to performance recording, using scales and predicting weight gain.

DPI NSW: general ideas on record keeping for herd improvement.

DPI NSW: introduction to BreedObject and using software to balance EBVs.

DPI NSW: performance recording of composite and crossbred bulls.

MLA More Beef from Pastures: learning module on beef cattle genetics.

More Beef From Pastures: Use BreedObject to develop an appropriate breeding objective for the herd and calculate a selection index.

Shorthorn Beef: Understanding BreedObject.

Agriculture Victoria: Information on benefits, techniques and options for non-pregnant cows.

BEEF Magazine: Pregnancy Checking Tips.

Chinchilla Vet: Pregnancy Diagnosis in Beef Cattle.

Emerald Vet: Pregnancy testing cows: too expensive not to do.

FutureBeef: Pregnancy Testing - Utilising Results.

Broadford Vets: Veterinary articles and stories - pregnancy testing in beef cattle herds.

UNL Beef: the benefits of early pregnancy detection.

Merck Veterinary Manual: Introduction to reproduction, pregnancy testing and breeding soundness.

Agriculture Victoria: information on the age of heifers at first mating.

Agriculture Victoria: understanding how to control heifers that have difficulty calving.

NSW DPI: information on selecting and managing beef heifers.

UNL Beef: selecting and developing replacement heifers.

UNL Beef: nutrition effects on heifers and young cows.

UNL Beef: cost effective heifer replacement. 

UNL Beef: keeping heifer development costs in check.

Agriculture Victoria: Introduction to preg tox, prevention, treatment and management.

NSW DPI: Pregnancy toxaemia in beef cattle.

Manitoba Agriculture: Down Cows: Winter Tetany, Milk Fever, Pregnancy Toxaemia.

Greenup: Breeding your own bulls.

NT Government: Nucleus Bull-breeding Herds.

Rayner Ag: blog on whether you should start your own beef cattle stud.


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