Angus Australia

What: Get the app of Australia’s leading cattle breed, Angus.  The app supports members and breeders by providing up to date information on registered angus cattle including estimated breeding values (EBV’s). 6 registers provide animal details including; Herd Book Register (HBR), Red Angus Australia (RAR), Angus Performance Register (APR), Multi Breed Register (MBR), Angus Commercial Register (ACR) and the Progeny Test Register (PTR). Daily updates ensure accurate and up to date information to the member and breeder.

Key functions:

  • Search EBV’s and pedigrees
  • Mating predictor
  • Member Search
  • Sale Catalogues
  • Semen Catalogue
  • Access to Angus Australia website

Location: Australia
Platform: iphone, ipad, ipod & android
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: No
Where do I get it? Angus Australia        iTunes        GooglePlay
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Cattle Visions

What: This USA based app allows cattle producers to search for AI bulls listed within the Cattle Visions website. The app has a breeding calculator function that will calculate breeding set up times for both heifers and cows. An alerts function keeps customers informed about the latest new developments within the Cattle Genetic Service industry.

Key functions:

  • Search for AI bulls using the search feature and display AI sires listed within the Cattle Visions website.
  • Breeding calculator and gestation calculator determining approximate calving date
  • Tank inventory allows you to manage what straws in your tank
  • Alert Function

Location: USA
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: No
Where do I get it? Cattle Visions    iTunes       GooglePlay
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What: The iCalve app records everything in your cattle enterprise. With simple and easy navigation store all necessary records in the one place. Calving and health records, cull list, herd data and gestation calendar are all included, which can be backed up on iCloud.

Key functions:

  • Keep track of cattle enterprise with recording of calves, treatment and herd data.
  • Simple to navigate, storing all important records.
  • Back up to iCloud for security

Location: America
Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
Cost: iTunes $17.99
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it?  iCalve     iTunes
Reviews: iTunes


What: The INSolutions app, developed by Australian Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI) allows users to instantly access detailed information about registered animals from the breed organisations electronic herdbook. Find information on registered animals detailed statistics, animal pedigree, photos, grid of estimate breeding values (EBV’s), EPDs and a graph of EBV and EPD allowing the breeder or producer to see animal performance at a glance.

Key functions:

  • Access Sale Catalogues- single vendor auction, multi- vendor auction and private treaty sales. Comprehensive information on each lot and a powerful search engine enables users to search and enquire capabilities within and across different catalogues.
  • Semen Catalogues- Similar to the sales catalogue source semen for use within your breeding program.
  • Animal and Member Lookup- Access to a complete electronic herdbook of animal pedigree information and member information within a specific registered breed organisation. Search using a variety of criteria.
  • INSolutions has access to over 80 registered breed organisations across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, North America, Namibia, Argentina and the UK.

Location: Australia
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android
Cost: Android $1.99   I     iTunes $1.99
Available offline/without reception: No
Where do I get it? INSolutions        GooglePlay    iTunes
Reviews: GooglePlay           iTunes

Merck Herd Health Manager C/C

What: The Merck Herd Health Manager app is designed to connect vets with beef producers, working together to achieve a healthy herd. Vaccination and treatment information at pre breeding, preg testing, birth, branding and weaning can be provided creating a health history that may be beneficial at sale time.

Key functions:

  • Vets and beef producers can work together to achieve an overall health herd.
  • Detailed health records and identification of products.
  • Record keeping of vaccinations vets suggest and documents the completion of vaccination and/ or treatment protocols

Location: America
Platform: iOS (iPad)
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it?  Merck Herd Health Manager     iTunes
Reviews: No current reviews

Pro Cattle Breeding

What: Pro Cattle Breeding app enables the user to track every aspect of the reproductive cycle for both beef and dairy farmers, 365 days/year. Monitor submission rates and check overall progress to make sure you meet your targets.

Key functions:

  • Record events within the breeding cycle including Pre mating heat, AI date, Pregnancy and Due Date
  • Complete breeding history for each individual cow
  • Herd breeding data in the form of a graph as a clear synopsis
  • Bull coding recording
  • Manage the reproductive cycle all year round
  • Forecast future feed requirements
  • Specific notes for individual cows
  • Export key data to 3rd party software integration

Location: Ireland
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android
Cost: itunes $3.99     GooglePlay  $12.78
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it? Smart Farm Apps   itunes   GooglePlay
Reviews: itunes  GooglePlay


What: Stockman records your herd and flock data in one central location.

Key functions:

  • Records dates born, sire, dams, weights and tag numbers.
  • Can export to BreedPlan or your Breed Society

Location: New Zealand
Platform: iOS (iphone, iPad, iPod touch), android
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it?        iTunes      GooglePlay
Reviews: GooglePlay

The Calving Book

What: The Calving Book app tracks calf records and is easily accessible. Calf information such as calf ID, birth weight, gender, date and comments can be processed. The new ‘plus’ version allows you to keep track of breeding, preg testing and weaning records.

Key functions:

  • Keep track of calf records that you can have at a touch of a button.
  • Record calf ID, birth weight, gender, date and comments.
  • Main functions work offline.
  • Search for the calf you are looking for and edit it from the search page.
  • Breeding, preg testing and weaning records can now be added.

Location: America
Platform: iOS (iphone, iPad, iPod touch), android
Cost: iTunes $24.99IGooglePlay $25.70
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it? The Calving Book           iTunes     GooglePlay
Reviews: GooglePlay