AuctionsPlus: Cattle Assessment Manual

DPI NSW: information on dressing percentages, frame scoring, live assessment, muscle scoring and objective measurement in the showring.

DEPI VIC: learn how to assess for muscle shape, fat and condition score.

DAFWA: introduction to live cattle assessment.

DPI NSW: a range of publication on beef markets, from visual assessments, market specifications and dark cutting beef.

DPI NSW: Visual and manual assessment of fatness in cattle.

DPI NSW: Muscle scoring beef cattle.

DPI NSW: Shape assessment and muscle score in beef cattle.

Future Beef: comprehensive knowledge centre providing tools, videos, workshop information, and topical information links on business management and marketing.

Grass Fed Solutions: Target slaughter weights - are your beef cattle fat enough when they go to market?

NT Government: learn about a range of beef marketing topics, including meeting market specifications, tenderising beef, transport wright loss and use of hormone growth promotants.


AMPC: Dark cutting beef and animal temperament.

Australian Brahman Breeders' Association Limited: Increased muscling reduces dark cutting.

Beef and Lamb UK: Identifying practical ways to reduce the prevalence of Dark Cutting Beef (DCB) in young bulls by better animal handling ante-mortem.  

Beef Central: Research suggests other factors in play in seasonal dark-cutting ‘spikes’.

NSW DPI: Dark cutting beef - what is it?

NSW DPI: Dark cutting beef - managing cattle to reduce DCB.

NSW DPI: Dark cutting beef - the economic loss.

University of New England: Dark cutting beef and strategies to reduce it.

Ag Manager: Livestock & Meat Marketing: Marketing Strategies and Livestock Pricing.

Beef and Lamb UK: Marketing prime beef cattle for Better Returns.

Cattle Facts: urgent breeder selling program.

Jeffrey Savell: Value-based marketing of beef.

Lee Meyer: key beef cattle marketing concepts.

Rayner Ag: Getting paid for the value of your cattle.

Agriculture Victoria: convert liveweight prices.

Agriculture Victoria: convert hot standard.

Beef CRC: The Cost of Non-Compliance to Beef Market Specifications. 

BeefSpecs: A tool to assist in meeting market specifications.

BeefSpecs: On-farm BeefSpecs drafting.

Bell Veterinary Services: Maximising Production of Weaners and Preparing Steers for Marketing.

DEPI VIC: understand your market options, how to convert hot standard carcase wight prices to liveweight prices.

DPI NSW: Market specifications for cattle.

DPI NSW: Dressing percentages for cattle.

Hutton Oddy: How Growth Affects Carcase and Meat Quality Attributes.

MLA More Beef from Pastures: Know your market specifications.

MLA More Beef from Pastures: Manage the nutrition, health and welfare of sale animals to meet target market specifications on time.

MLA More Beef from Pastures: Manage cattle two to three weeks before sale and during mustering and transport to achieve best carcase dressing percentage and avoid downgraded meat and carcases.

NLIS: Utilising carcase information.

Objective Livestock Marketing Pty Ltd: Live Animal Assessment and Market Specifications.

Australian Government: Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS).

NSW DPI: Steps in the beef marketing chain.

Queensland Transport and Logistics Council: Supply chain perspective livestock.

Safe food Queensland: Queensland Secure Supply Chain for Beef.

Safe meat: traceability.

Short Supply Chain: different lengths of supply chains.

University of Wollongong: Analysing beef supply chain strategy in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry: Branded Beef: Where is the Market?

Agriculture Victoria: paddock sales, saleyard auctions and over the hook sales.

Ag Manager: Niche Marketing of Cattle/Beef.

Farm-to-Fork: A Direct-to-the-Consumer Beef Marketing Handbook.

Mecardo: The China beef market – a free ride for Australia?

MLA More Beef from Pastures: Regularly evaluate market opportunities as feed supply, financial situation, or market prices change and select markets to maximise enterprise profit.

Mississippi State University: Direct marketing beef.

NCSU: Farm to Fork A Direct-to-the-Consumer Beef Marketing Handbook.

NSW DPI: Connecting to a beef end market.

Organic Systems: Organic beef production and marketing in Australia.

SARE: How to direct market your beef.