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A blog is sometimes referred to as an online personal journal. It is a site designated for an individual to write about his/her daily experiences, to illicit thoughts and often allowing readers to offer their comments. The term is a shortened form of “weblog”. Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or adding content to an existing blog is referred to as “blogging”. Individual articles on a blog are referred to as “blog posts”, “posts”, or “entries”, and the person who created the blog post is often called a “blogger”.
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Art4Agriculture is a network of young people who love working in agriculture with an aim to reconnect consumers with the people who produce their food and fibre. Blogs are posted by these passionate youngsters, check it out and see what you think.

Ask-A-Vet Sheep
Practising American food animal veterinarian, Dr. Kennedy, provides personal opinions and clinical observations on a range of sheep related issues — from feed rationing, creep feeding,  foot rot, breeding ewe lambs and parasite management.

Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
ACIAR is a statutory authority inspires Australia’s agricultural scientists to use their skills for the benefit of developing countries and Australia. The site encourages discussion about the work of ACIAR.

Australian Farm Institute
Check out the Australian Farm Institute’s ag forum for discussion of current issues in Australian and International Agricultural policy.

Australian Livestock Export Council
ALEC posts up to date blogs on all issues and information associated with Australian Livestock Export, a hot topic in Australian Agriculture.

The Beef Blog
Created by the American Purdue beef team (Animal Sciences), the blogs are an educational forum for beef producers and Extension educators. News, issues and management tips that have the potential to ffect the beef business and decision process.

Brian Cumming Agriculture Consultants
Each week, there is a new blog on the website giving you technical information on a wide range of topics including animal welfare, animal husbandry, disease and nutrition, buying property, weeds, cropping and markets. Worth checking out!

Carbon Farmers of Australia
Up to date blogs on all things to do with Carbon and Farming.

Ecological Agriculture Australia Association
EAAA stands between the world of industrial agriculture and organic agriculture. Find a new dimension to agricultural education, extension, research and politics with there exciting blog posts.

Farm Weekly
Blogs on all agricultural issues, production, politics and technology as they come to hand are published on Farm Weekly, an agricultural newspaper owned and produced by Fairfax media.

Fiona Lake Blog
A little different from the blogs above, Fiona Lake uses her page to write on a breadth of topics, from opinion pieces on Australian agriculture, to providing tips to farmers on joining Twitter, social media use and tips for good blog writing.

Based in Canberra, Victoria Taylor uses her blog to share her on communications, positioning and policy advice. The blogs look at topics such as branding, media, advocacy, social media and strategic planning.

International Animal Health Products
Manufacturing and marketing quality Australian owned and made products for a variety of animals, IAHP success stories and health research are blogged by the CEO.

International Livestock Research Institute
The ILRI blogs articles on what ILRI and partners are doing in livestock research for development such as technologies, sustainability, climate adaption and animal agriculture.

Jim Pola Marketing
Keep informed with what’s happening in the North including Markets, Livestock, Special Features, Interviews and lots more through the Jim Pola blog.

Jeffers Pet, Equine and Livestock
Family owned and operated, follow livestock blogs on animal health and supplies.

The National Western Stock Show
The NWSS is considered the Super Bowl of livestock Shows. American, blogs about the competition and show results can be viewed.

Meat and Livestock Australia- Aussie Meat Trends
It all in the heading, blogs on Aussie Meat Trends composed by MLA.

Mecardo- Expert Market Analysis
Mecardo is a leader in expert market analysis. Be the first to know where your markets are heading with the latest options, news, reviews and offers as blogs.

Modern Farmer
Modern Farmer, based in New York, is a quarterly magazine focused on a broad range of topics related to farming and food. If you go into the sheep-tagged posts (click link above), there exists a multitude of information — on different breeds, to the American lamb market, to entertaining articles from farmers and journalists.

OBE Organic
OBE Organics provides consumers, Australian certified organic, grass fed beef. Find informative blogs on organic beef production and OBE organic Australia.

Ochre Archives
Phillip Diprose, a farmer based in Grenfell, NSW, uses his blog to provide insightful and practical information on often-rarely touched topics online — upgrading tree guards, on-farm water experiments, cattle yard design, and fixing the floors of shearing sheds.

Rayner Ag
Rayner Ag provides services to producers and organisations to increase their knowledge, skills and profits in agriculture. Informative blogs are posted on a diverse range of agricultural production, issues and innovations. Definitely one to check out!

Research Blog: Pushing the boundaries
The Beef and Lamb NZ blog, updated weekly by research manager, Geoff Ridley, is a great resource to understand the latest research in the industry — from pasture management to parasites.

The Conscious Farmer
The Conscious Farmer's weekly blogs bring you technical and insightful information on regenerative grazing. For less than a cup of coffee per week, the blog "will spark ideas in you for sustainable, productive farm practices in your grazing and cropping systems."


Cattle Producer (NT)
Aimed at people who are interested in the workings of cattle stations but have no experience in agriculture. Cattle Producer (NT) blogs real and factual information about a family operated cattle station in the Northern territory.

Central Station
Stories from Australian cattle stations is portrayed as blogs. Men and Women of the Australian outback come together to share an insight into there daily lives.

Fiona Lake
Fiona Lake uses her page to write on a breadth of topics, from opinion pieces on Australian agriculture, to providing tips to farmers on joining Twitter, social media use and tips for good blog writing.

Kilcowera Station
Follow Toni who lives on Kilcowera Station, an outback Queensland Cattle Station. Sharing her part of the world through blogs.

Princess Royal Station
Princess Royal Station, South Australia, aim’s to consistently improve effectiveness and efficiency while ensuring practices cause the least harm to the environment. Keeping to their aim informative blogs on sustainability, innovation and production are posted.

Manchee Agriculture
A family run and operated business, Manchee Agriculture runs a successful livestock breeding enterprise. They base their blogs on what they know best, cattle production and innovations.

Nindooinbah breeds Angus, Ultrablacks and Brangus based in Queensland. Find informative blogs on genetics, cattle production and Nindooinbah media.

Rangers Valley
Check out the blogs of one of Australia’s most respected premium marbled beef producers. Rangers Valley products and news are posted as blogs.

Signature Beef Pty Ltd
Signature Beef is the culmination of four generations of the Angus Family, with a dedication to produce the world’s best beef. Blogs are based on the daily aspects of the farm and the production of Signature Beef, producing consistent, authentic beef solutions.


Ann Britton Outback Photography
Ann Britton shares blogs on the life she lives in outback Queensland and the stories behind the lens of an outback photographer.

Bush babe of Oz
Amanda uses her Nikon to showcase her life in the Australian bush after the wife and mother of two moved back to where she grew up.

Cattle Country Tales
Creating a blog after watching ABC’s landline, Justin shares his story of living on a property in the South Burnett Region of Queensland where his family produces beef cattle and Australian Stock horses.

Cattle, Kids and Chaos
Since 2009 Fiona has been blogging about living in the country and the connections its brought, including the challenges of being a wife and mother living in Central Queensland.

Clover Hill Dairies
Blogs share farming stories from Clover Hill Dairies. Lynne Strong hopes that users will gain a greater insight into the passion and commitment of the farmers that produce our food and fibre.

Farm-ily is set in the Riverina of NSW. Follow the day to day farming life of a country mum, Lynda Snowden.

From the Verandah
“Mystery Park” located in Central Queensland shares blogs on the happenings of a family of eight. Check it out.

Grit and Giggles
Follow blogs on an ex governess who is a newbie at big city life in tropical Queensland.

KT’s Farm Life
3 year old Erin lives in the central tablelands of NSW. Her farm life blogs target urban based children of a similar age, educating children about living on the farm and production on the 3000 acre grazing property.

Nicole Alexander
Nicole Alexander is the author of 6 best selling Australian fictional novels. She shares blogs on agricultural relate issues and stories behind her publications.

View from the Bush Verandah
Stories of living on a 110,000 acre property in northern Queensland are told as blogs. Follow the life, dreams, visions and struggles of the land they work.


They can have a strong storytelling element, or they can be highly technicaland informative.

Fiona Lake, a photographer and writer living in Townsville, explains the farm blog environment in Australia in one of her own blog posts. She notes that farm blogs can roughly be put into three different baskets:

We recommend you check Fiona's post out!

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