BACKGROUNDING CATTLE BUDGET (Missouri Extension): Producers can use to estimate costs and returns for backgrounding cattle on a per head and per group basis (will have to convert from pounds).

BACKGROUNDING PROFITMETER: (Missouri Extension): The Backgrounding Profitmeter's help determine the current profitability of backgrounding, given a set of production parameters. Users can model a current baseline versus planned and change the key drivers of average daily gain and stocking rate for each profitmeter (will have to convert from pounds).

CATTLE FEEDING MARGIN CALCULATOR  (QLD Gov't): evaluate the margins involved in feeding cattle in the paddock or putting them into a feedlot.

CATTLE FEEDING EVALUATION (QLD Gov't): An economic assessment of cattle feeding aimed at predicting stock weight to make a profit.

CATTLE FEEDING BREAK EVEN CALCULATOR (Beef Cattle Institute): Note this calculator is in pounds and miles, but can be easily converted.EVALUATING MARKETING OPTIONS (Kansas State University): Tool to assist marketing options - whether to sell at weaning or background calves past weaning.

EXAMPLE CATTLE FEEDER BUDGETS (UW Extension): examples are to aid the enterprise budget spreadsheet and producers are encourage to enter their own values into the spreadsheets. 

EVALUATION OF BUYING FEEDERS (Kansas State University): Estimate the potential returns of owning feeder cattle.

EVALUATING MARKETING OPTIONS (Missouri Extension): Use to determine whether to: sell calves at weaning, sell after a backgrounding period, background the calves and then own through finishing or send the calves directly to a feedyard and retain ownership through finishing.



FEEDER CATTLE CALCULATIONS (Missouri Extension): Cattle feeders can use to determine: return to ownership and management, purchase price to attain desired return and sale price to attain desired return (convert from pounds).

FARM FORMS (NSW DPI): A number of gross margin budget templates, including beef breeding, beef trading and feedlotting.

FEEDLOT EVALUATION (QLD Gov't): Profit assessment of a cattle lot passing through a feedlot. 

FEEDLOT GROSS MARGIN (QLD Gov't): Gross margin tool to assess feedlot operations.

FEEDLOT YARDAGE CALCULATOR (UW Extension): a valuable tool for feed operations, however few farmers know what their yardage costs are for their operation.

HAY HAULING CALCULATOR (Noble Foundation): The hay hauling calculator allows you to estimate the total cost of purchasing and transporting hay. 

OVERHEAD BULK FEED BIN CALCULATOR (Noble Foundation): This tool is used to evaluate the feasibility of purchasing an overhead feed bin and truck mounted feeder for feed storage and feeding of cattle.

PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT CALCULATOR (Noble Foundation): helps to determine the price per pound of available crude protein for each option. 

PRECONDITIONING VALUE CALCULATOR (Oklahoma State University): Economic aspects of preconditioning programs.

RETAINED OWNERSHIP EVALUATION (Missouri Extension): Producers can use to determine return to ownership and management and sale price to attain desired return (convert from pounds).

SELL OR FEED CALCULATOR (QLD Gov't): Estimates and compares the costs of feeding stock to selling and buying back.

STEER FATTENING ECONOMICS (QLD Gov't): An economic assessment tool (profit and return on capital) for a steer fattening operation. 

STOCKER CATTLE CALCULATIONS (Kansas State University): assists in estimating potential returns to owning stocker cattle.

STOCKER CATTLE EVALUATION (Missouri Extension): Stocker operators can use to determine: return to ownership and management, purchase price to attain desired return and sale price to attain desired return.

VALUE OF GAIN CALCULATOR (Noble Foundation): This tool calculates the value of the gain of an animal. Supplement conversion calculates the cost on a per lb of additional gain basis of using a feed supplement.