Livestock Auction Calculator

What: A calculation tool for use at livestock auctions for quickly calculating the price per kilo or lb. of livestock lots. Incorporating a number wheel to keep up with the auctioneers call, the price per kilo is displayed depending on estimated weight of beast with a 10% leeway. This auction calculating tool also keeps track of purchases along the way. Makes auction calculations easy and fast giving you the advantage at any livestock auction.

Location: Australia
Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android
Cost: $10.99
Available offline/without reception: No
Where do I get it?  iTunes     GooglePlay

ASEL (Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock Handbook)

What: The Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock Handbook (ASEL) app is an Australian Government regulation, setting standards for the Australian livestock export trade. The supply chain from sourcing of cattle through to delivery in an overseas country is covered by ASEL. This handbook app is a comprehensive, convenient mobile resource making the ASEL standards easily accessible.

Key functions:

  • Easily accessible, convenient and comprehensive
  • Information accessed through standards menu
  • Comprehensive built in calculator, extracted from formulas and requirements within ASEL
  • Estimate stocking densities, fodder, water and bedding requirements for exports overseas

Location: Australia
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: No
Where do I get it?  iTunes     GooglePlay
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What: The Landmark app provides users with a variety of features producers need at the click of a button. Locate your nearest Landmark store, check out what the weather is doing or look at tools.

Key functions:

  • Weather
  • Find your nearest landmark store (GPS guided)
  • Read the Landmark Property magazine
  • Tools and calculators

Location: Australia
Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it?  iTunes
Reviews: No current reviews

Meat Cuts

What: Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) have developed the meat cuts app as your one stop destination for information about beef, lamb, veal and goat cuts. The app provides information about where individual cuts come from, characteristics, cooking methods and matching recipes.

Key functions:

  • Information about beef, lamb, veal and goat cuts
  • Informed information about individual cuts and characteristics
  • Suggested cooking methods
  • Recipes
  • Alternative cuts

Location: Australia
Platform: iphone, ipad, ipod touch, android
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: Yes
Where do I get it?  GooglePlay        iTunes
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MLA Market Information

What: The MLA Market Information app informs users on the latest prices, reports, forecasts and analysis for Australian and international red meat markets. The app connects you with a range of reports for the Australian red meat and livestock industry, linking in with latest market news and intelligence for beef, sheep and goat industries.

Key functions:

  • Comprehensive market information and analysis on domestic and overseas red meat market.
  • Market reports for your region- price, supply, quality and buyer information
  • Latest in depth market analysis on Australia’s key export meat markets
  • Livestock exports in overseas markets
  • Livestock statistics including national indicators, feeder cattle, slaughter levels, over the hooks, skins and wholesale meat markets.

Location: Australia
Platform: iPhone, iPad, ipod touch, android
Cost: Free
Available offline/without reception: No
Where do I get it? MLA        GooglePlay          iTunes            
Reviews: GooglePlay           iTunes        MLA