There are a number of representative bodies across Australia that advocate on behalf of our farmers. Click on the links below to learn more.

Also, access our Policy Paddock to learn more about the issues these organisation's advocate on, and have a say.

Federal and State Farmer REPRESENTATIVE BODIES

National Farmers' Federation

Membership: Individual farmers join their respective state farm organisation and/or national commodity council. These organisations collectively form the NFF.
President: Brent Finlay

NSW Farmers

Membership: Full Producer (from $439), Additional Member ($100), Retired Member ($100), Metro Member ($100), Small Farmer ($150).
President: Fiona Simson

Victorian Farmers Federation

Membership: Commercial farming membership (from $517), Student (free), Small Farmer ($400), Farm Managers ($400), Lifestyle Farmer ($200), YAPS* ($110). *Young Agribusiness Professionals (YAPs) is a VFF division that focuses on 18-35yr olds.
President: Peter Tuohey

WA Farmers

Membership: Over over 3,500 farmers — $490 (Basic) - $1,640 (Premium)
President: Dale Park

The Pastoralists and Graziers Association of WA

Membership: Represents primary producers of wool, grain, meat and livestock. Membership unknown
President: Tony Seabrook

Primary Producers SA

Membership: SAFF was disbanded in 2013. The new organisation is a coalition made up of commodity groups, rather than individual farmers as members.
Executive Chairman: Rob Kerin

Queensland Farmers Federation

Membership: The Queensland Farmers Federation represents the interests of 16 of the states peak rural industry organisations. 
President: Joanne Grainger 

AgForce Queensland

Membership: Based on gross value of production (from $490 - $18,180).
President: Grant Maudsley

NT Farmers

Membership: Grower membership ($220), Consultant ($330), Small business member ($770), Corporate member ($1,350), Association partner ($4,000).
President: Grant Fenton (CEO)

Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association

Membership: Levy system: Cereals (50 cents per $100 sale), Dairy (0.009 cents per litre), Meat (40 cents per $100 sale), Seeds (20 cents per bag), Vegetables (53 cents per $100 sale), Wool (45 cents per $100 sale).
President: Wayne Johnston


For details associated with federal and state agencies specific to commodity types refer to the specific Information Station relevant to you.


The Newgate Review: In November 2013, Newgate Communications was engaged by the National Farmers Federation (NFF) and its 29 member organisations to undertake a review into farm sector representation in Australia.

Background: The federal structure of representation, which historically aligned the efforts and funding of state farm organisations and peak councils, is under immense strain due to:

* Excessive duplication of resources and effort across all levels of representation (national, state, commodity)

* Inefficient allocation and questionable returns on the limited funds available for representation

* External perceptions of farm sector disunity and inability to coordinate nationally

* Legacy based structure defending ‘parts’ rather than the ‘whole’ structure of farm sector representation.

The information above was taken from the "Streamline and Strengthen" website.

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