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Many proud and passionate agvocates are working on- and off-farm to strengthen, support and connect the Australian agricultural industry.

Individuals and groups are working hard to tackle shared challenges (such as Agrihive), and to bridge the divide between urban and rural populations (such as Friend A Farmer).

The Farm Table has collated a number of these exciting initiatives for you to check out and support!

Please drop us a line at info@thefarmtable.com.au if you think something should be on this list.

The Farm Table recommends...

"The Institute's founders recognised that in order to successfully develop and promote policies that will benefit farmers, it is essential that those policies are soundly based, and are supported by rigorous and objective research."


"Agrihive is committed to building collaborative networks, case studies, tools and initiatives, in order to improve the production and profitability challenges of farming."

"Nuffield Australia awards Scholarships each year to farmers in Australia. They give a unique opportunity to stand back from your day-to-day occupation, and to study a subject of interest to you."


Target 100 outlines 100 research, development and extension activities covering soil, water, energy, pests and weeds, biodiversity, emissions and animal welfare.

"I launched Farmz.com.au in July 2012 with the aim of giving Australian farmers the ability to connect with other farmers around Australia."


"FFN is focused on building the engagement and network of those aged 16 to 35 years in agriculture."


"Unique independent communications resource that focuses on showcasing the very best of what is happening in Australian agriculture." 


"To help communicate the extraordinary innovation and cross fertilisation now occurring across all sectors of agriculture and its value chain."


"Art4Agriculture is a network of young people who share a passion to tell others about the pivotal role Australian farmers play in feeding the world."

"Every month, Tractor Talkers can listen to half an hour segments that will provide practical tips for you to transform your business."


"Leading Agriculture is the digital magazine showcasing the best of the best in Australian Agriculture."

"The Central Station journal has been created by a group of women who love their way of life in the northern cattle industry."


"Graziher magazine is simply a collection of women's stories.

Women of the land. Women who love the land. Women who know the land.

We print quarterly and are independently published. We love reading and hearing of the stories of these diverse women. And we love recording them in our pages and we hope you enjoy reading them. 

You can find Graziher in some selected newsagents (visit our stockist page here) but we also sell our publication online. We offer free shipping with our pre-orders for each new edition and we sell out quick." 

"George the Farmer is a fun-loving character who is everyone’s friend. With his trusty dog Jessie by his side, George tackles the day to day activities of Australian farming life with enthusiasm, a can-do attitude and most importantly a big smile."

George the Farmer’s aim on social media is to not only bridge the city/country divide through sharing relevant and up to date news stories or information that is currently happening on our farm but to also inspire parents to start conversations about food and fibre in their homes with their children.

The George the Farmer website also have two free Australian School Curriculum aligned teacher’s guides. The first focuses on wheat and wool production and the second focuses on pulses for the UN’s International Year of the Pulse. It also comes with a free song to download called, ‘Ain’t No Party Like a Pulse Party’. Both guides are for Foundation - Year 4 and focus on the STEM learning areas as well as literature.

"Farmfox gives those with agricultural questions or problems a dedicated resource to quickly and easily find useful and relevant answers."


"The Digital Farmer is a tool for those involved in rural businesses and agriculture to easily and quickly identify, analyse and access the various digital product options that exist across each sector of Australian Agriculture. 

In addition to collating the various digital products, The Digital Farmer has a team of experts who review and blog about the products available to help farmers make informed decisions."  

Social media sites making a difference....

 "A virtual online community, that has fostered a platform for rural Australia to engage with their city cousins."

"To create a brand and fashionable image attached to the workings of the Agricultural industry." 

"The Friend a Farmer Initiative is an educational, awareness and networking campaign with the goal of reconnecting the city with the bush."

"An idea grown by real Aussie farmers so you can have your food and fibre questions answered by those who produce it for you."

"Pictures and stories from Aussie farms and stations with the people who actively care for animals, crops and the land."

"Our page and the Thank A Farmer For Your Next Meal brand aims to further promote Australian agriculture and Australian Primary Producers to a wider audience through the medium of pictures in order to attempt to close the gap between producer and consumer, city and bush."

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