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“In the face of major challenges and opportunities for the future, the agriculture industry in Australia has a choice—to approach this future in a fragmented way or to make more of the opportunity by forging greater cooperation across the sector.”
— National Farmers Federation, "Blueprint for Australian Agriculture", 2013

Raised on a farm in the Southern Riverina of NSW, Airlie is combining her analytics skills and first-hand experience to develop The Farm Table, an online resource to connect and inform farmers.

The Farm Table is a place for Australian farmers and the broader industry to access independent, timely and relevant industry information.

The Farm Table is not reinventing the wheel. Rather, it is essentially a central, online toolbox —  the platform connects producers, students, agribusiness professionals, and others involved or interested in the industry, to information quickly and easily in a user-friendly format.

Managing Director, Airlie Trescowthick, stated, “The effort put into sustaining and growing individual enterprises takes 100% of a grower's effort and there is often little time to engage in continuous education. The Farm Table is part of my journey of learning and making sense of our industry and I hope it is useful to others.”

Ms. Trescowthick commented: “There is so much wonderful work being done across the industry, but this often results in information overload for those accessing it. Some sites are cluttered, whilst others are not continuously updated. In one site, The Farm Table aims to coordinates and connects the dots of our large and often dispersed industry.”
— Ms. Trescowthick

In the evenings, Airlie often turned online to access farming production resources and research as it was difficult to constantly engage with learning off-farm.

Airlie began building her own database to make sense of the broader Australian agricultural industry and its components, as well as to upskill in sheep and beef production. This initial excel database turned into the website as it is now.

“In returning home to our family farm, it was important for me to gain as much knowledge as possible quickly about our production system and the industry. This involved learning on-farm from my father, off-farm with producer groups, workshops and forums, and engaging with information available online.”
— Ms. Trescowthick

'The Farm Table', was chosen as it signifies a collaborative and open meeting place for the Australian agricultural industry. The table will be fruitful if all sub-sectors bring something to the table.

A place where the lamb producers share with the dairy farmers, the horticulturalists chat to the cattle enthusiasts, and the viticulturists discuss their techniques with the poultry experts.





Airlie Trescowthick, Managing Director of The Farm Table, is a young Australian sheep and beef producer from Holbrook in the Southern Riverina of NSW. Airlie recently returned from Canada with a Masters in Food and Resource Economics and began working on her family property. 

Like all producers, she wears many hats; she is a farmer-in-training, an economist, a rural advocate, a consultant, a daughter, a sister, and forever — a willing and avid learner. 

In 2014, Airlie worked with Food Tank, an online food and agricultural think tank based in the United States, writing for a large audience (100,000 subscribers each week) on issues pertinent to family farmers, including livestock production, crop management, mental health, drought assistance and policy, and the importance of engaging youth in agriculture. She also has management consulting experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Melbourne, where she consulted primarily to the Victorian State Government on a range of urban and rural issues.

In the past 12 months, Airlie has had the opportunity to take part in the NSW RAS Rural Young Achiever Competition, was a Woolworths Agribusiness Scholar and participated in the Rotary Youth Leadership Award.

She appreciates the sophistication, dedication and skill of Australian farmers and the strength of the industry that has been built by generations previous, and wants to sustain and grow this for generations to come. As a young Australian agribusiness professional, Airlie wants to contribute to an industry that she is so proud of. 

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As well as improving their own performance, they (farmers) can build stronger networks to strengthen the agriculture sector’s bargaining power.
— The National Farmers Federation, 'The Blueprint for Australian Agriculture 2013-2020'

The Farm Table's main aim is to make it easier for you to access quality information. If it isn't doing this, let us know!

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